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Southern Business Award Winner best 'Start-up' 2011

Karen Loraine is the director of The Makeup Box Ltd. As a makeup artist Karen Loraine has established a successful makeup studio based in West Sussex

The Makeup Box Studio won the ‘Best New Business Award’ in Sussex, June 2011. This was followed up by a second business award, this time at the prestigious Southern Business Awards at the Grand Hotel in Brighton on 2nd September 2011 in the best Start Up business category.

This award winning business now runs alongside a new focus, which is to build a new online resource dedicated totally to makeup

For years it has been my dream and vision to bring every aspect of makeup into one, simple to use, organised online resource. It is my hope and belief will prove to do exactly that.

As the makeup community continues to grow we will strive to bring together an amazing variety of makeup companies, makeup products , accessories, makeup artists and makeup services in a new and innovative makeup directory. It’s sole purpose is to enhance the online experience for everyone looking for any of the above products and/or services quickly and simply by making the whole process easier and enjoyable. website is also the home for ‘Passion4 Makeup’ the monthly online magazine with a difference. Packed with an abundance of makeup articles, Passion4Makeup offers its readers plenty of makeup tips, lots of new makeup products to review and buy there and then. Keeps you up to date with the latest makeup trends and makeup idea’s for every occasion. With plenty of regular featured articles, such as, ‘how special effect makeup is used in film’.

I hope you enjoy the box website and if you would like any information about any of the services that we offer or to contribute and submit any articles to the magazine please send us your details on the contact us form