If you’d like to find makeup businesses makeup products, makeup services or makeup schools please  explore our new online makeup directory – the ‘Makeup Hub Worldwide Makeup Directory’ This exciting new section of our makeup website is growing all the time, as we invite the makeup industry to support our efforts to build the first […]

  Missed that article you wanted to read? The Makeup Box Online Makeup Magazine : Back Issues A look back over our previous main makeup articles.   • Why Every Couple Should go to a Wedding Fair • Avoid the January Blues • How to Look Good on Valentines Day • Mens’ Makeup UK • The Makeup Looks for this […]

Boy, am I glad to see the back of February! Even though I turned 26 again that month, it really is my worst time of the year. Christmas celebrations are not just a thing of the recent past, but vehemently deleted from the memory as we race into abstinence and denying oneself any pleasures, at […]

If you’ve ever been curious about the world of film makeup and would love to see how it’s all done or simply want to learn new makeup techniques or experiment with a range makeup products, then Alexandra Palace is where you need to be. The Venue Alexandra Palace Alexandra Palace Way Wood Green LONDON N22 […]

Christmas is coming and its time to glam up and to look really hot, hot, hot under the mistletoe for a that office party Christmas kiss! It’s time to have fun and to get these fabulous makeup looks. Sophisticated and Sexy Makeup Lets start with the eye shadow, The Christmas 2010 Collection Guerlain Ombre Eclat […]

Not everyone likes to wear foundation so we have been experimenting with a few tinted moisturisers for you. At the top of the list is…  …the Bobbi Brown award winning :: Extra SPF 25 Tinted Moisturizing balm £26.00 A lightweight foundation alternative for dry, dehydrated skin, this formula is ultra-rich, and blends easily, giving skin a […]

So you’ve decided to become a seductive, bloodsucking vampire this Halloween, it is true that this is most important date in every vampires dairy, for this is the night when the nastiest of goblins, ghouls, ghosts and the most unspeakably terrifying creatures of the night gather together for the Halloween ball. We have a few […]

Autumn is fast approaching. Time to leave the soft eye shadows of summer and go for striking blends of colour, to blend harmoniously with nature’s vibrant autumn leaves. Rich browns, tawny reds, olive greens and mellow yellow eye-shadow is definitely the way for this year’s winter makeup fashion. Along with defined high arched eyebrows to […]

Passion4makeup ‘Homebrewed Makeup’ The Lipstick Recipe. Carefully measure the ingredients listed below and put into the heatproof mixing bowl. Fill the steamer with water and bring to boil. Position the glass bowl onto the flat surface of the steamer (where you’d normally put your vegetables). Heat the wax until it becomes runny be careful not […]

This is a film not to be missed on the big screen. Special effect wizard Ken Ralston and Director Tim Burton take you into an extraordinarily bizarre world, which only accentuates the madness of Lewis Carroll’s whimsical, timeless classic. Alice’s curiosity leads her to a strange rabbit hole and the young girl falls in. When […]

A young girl finds herself imprisoned in a remote abbey by 14th-century knights. The monks believe the girl to be a witch, that the witch’s powers are the source of the Black Plague. In the abbey monks intend to perform a ritual in the hope of ending the pestilence. It seems that any chance of […]

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