If you’d like to find makeup businesses makeup products, makeup services or makeup schools please  explore our new online makeup directory – the ‘Makeup Hub Worldwide Makeup Directory’ This exciting new section of our makeup website is growing all the time, as we invite the makeup industry to support our efforts to build the first […]

It’s amazing the journey makeup has made to reach this point in history.

If you’re looking for a dynamic makeup style to look your best for that all-important Festival, Club Night or Special Party here are a few ideas!

For the summer I have found some great products for you to look out for. As I am sure that many of you are aware that makeup, hair, and skin-care companies recently used Fashion Week as an opportunity to test and display their upcoming launches — so having had a peek at what is being […]

Halloween is just around the corner and children of all ages love to look like their favourite ‘Halloween’ character when they go ‘Trick or Treating’. Naturally you want to be involved so here are a few makeup ideas to help you along the way.

If you’ve found the perfect dress for the one of the most important events this summer… ‘Prom’ night: Completing the look and deciding how you will style your hair and makeup is a separate challenge that should not be left to the last minute, and with prom only weeks away it’s time to make some […]

Keep your feet happy and they’ll serve you well for many years to come. We often forget about caring for our feet, especially in the winter months when our poor feet barely see the light of day, often walking for miles in tight shoes, boots and trainers and our toes bundled up in stockings or […]

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to show your partner just how much you care so if you are struggling to think of something to really WOW your beloved then here’s a few fun Valentine idea’s that spark the imagination and help you to really spoil your special lady.

Because Gellux is the slick new polish that’s become the buzz of the manicure industry, the power polish that’s brilliant and as tough as an armour coat, which says, “see you in 2 weeks”. The whole process for a set of Gellux nails takes only 30 minutes and cost between £20.00 and £40.00 depending on where you go.Gellux nails are […]

This Years Proms Are Just Around the Corner Probably by now you’ve chosen your prom dress, thought about how you want your prom hair to look, now its time to start thinking about your prom makeup … ‘Prom makeup tips hot off the press. ‘ When choosing your eye shadow, eyeliner and the colour of your […]

Holiday Makeup… We all want to ‘Look Good’ on the beach, chilling by the pool and on the dance floor! The summer holiday season is here, as we write our list of “makeup to buy for holiday”, looking glam on the beach or by the pool has never been so high on the list. Whilst […]

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