If you’d like to find makeup businesses makeup products, makeup services or makeup schools please  explore our new online makeup directory – the ‘Makeup Hub Worldwide Makeup Directory’ This exciting new section of our makeup website is growing all the time, as we invite the makeup industry to support our efforts to build the first […]

This is the time of year to let all your inhibitions go and to really let loose on your makeup throughout this festive season and to indulge in loads of glitz, glamour, sparkles, glitter and bright lipstick shades!

It’s 2017 and we’re starting to think about that special date and ‘Glitter and Sparkle’.

Eyebrows are possibly one of the most defining features on your face, and the style of eyebrow you choose and can have a lot of influence on your overall look.

It’s winter and time to prepare for the winter holiday! Here are a few tips and some of my favourite products to pamper your self from head to toe.

It’s summer and time to prepare for the summer holidays! This month I thought I’d share with you a few tips and some of favourite products for you to pamper and prepare yourself from head to toe. Hair – Often suffers in the summer. Heat from the sun degrades the protective protein in hair, which […]

Tips How to Apply ‘Liquid, Pencil and Gel Eyeliners’ Eyeliner is an important finishing touch for most eye makeup looks – Eyeliner will accentuate your eyes with anything from a subtle, soft eye-line to strong dramatic wings or cat’s eyes. All it takes is patience and a little practice to really make your eyes pop […]

There are many different ways to apply lipstick, but a few extra steps cannot only make your lipstick last longer, but also appear smoother and crisper. This article will show you how to apply lipstick properly. It will also give you a few tips on how to make your lips appear larger or smaller, or […]

Time to say good-bye to bad hair days with a few helpful hair tips to keep your hair looking fabulously healthy and lustrous every day.

Out of the Box – Party Makeup Tips 2015:- Sultry, Sexy Eyeliner – Brows Are Very Much In-trend This Season – Luscious Pouty Lips – Glitters, Sparkles and Shimmers

We all want our makeup to looking great and here’s a dozen makeup tips to help you create a perfect, flawless makeup.

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