If you’d like to find makeup businesses makeup products, makeup services or makeup schools please  explore our new online makeup directory – the ‘Makeup Hub Worldwide Makeup Directory’ This exciting new section of our makeup website is growing all the time, as we invite the makeup industry to support our efforts to build the first […]

If you’re considering treating yourself to a new set of makeup brushes you don’t need to spend a fortune. Not only is buying a costly makeup brush set impossible for most of us, it’s not necessary, especially when there are so many great affordable makeup sets out there.

Let’s begin with foundations… Many of us can be put off wearing foundation if we have sensitive skin that reacts badly every time we use it. The most important thing to remember especially for skin types that are oily, especially dry and/or sensitive is to choose a foundation that will allow the skin to breath […]

Check Out These Must Have Products This summer has seen an increase in popularity in an array of spray tans coupled with a natural makeup look, bronzy shades of foundation, tinted moisturisers, vibrant peach and pink cheeks, bronzer, plenty of eyeliner, lashings of mascara finished with a soft pastel lipstick or lip-gloss…. It’s time to […]

Spring has sprung, and the summer is just around the corner, if you want to get that fabulous healthy, glowing golden tan before you get into your skimpy beach attire then now’s the time to go for it. This year there are even more self-tanning products on the market than ever before. To help you […]

We are all becoming aware of the negative effects of chemicals and toxins that can be found in many makeup products sold today. This gives organic makeup a great advantage as not only does your makeup look good it enriches and cares for your skin at the same time

Many of us religiously stick to our well tried and tested makeup products…there’s definitely something quite exciting about discovering something new to pop into our makeup bags.

‘Valentine’s Day’ makeup calls for a romantic look regardless whether it’s that special first date or you have been together for years. This is the night for a little romance. The ideal setting, a candlelit dinner for two.

Struggling to find a Christmas gift that’s just a little different makeup is the perfect Christmas Gift

Makes like Christian Dior create BOLD make-up looks on the catwalks. Even if the way the make-up is done looks over the top on just a casual day or a night out – Would high-street make-up brands do the trick too?

They can be if you want the instant gratification of having a full set of long, thick dark lashes, lashes. But make sure you can afford the maintenance, as an infill is an expensive business.

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