If you’d like to find makeup businesses makeup products, makeup services or makeup schools please  explore our new online makeup directory – the ‘Makeup Hub Worldwide Makeup Directory’ This exciting new section of our makeup website is growing all the time, as we invite the makeup industry to support our efforts to build the first […]

In today’s fast growing fashion conscious world makeup is fast becoming the norm for many men today. Everyday makeup is no longer a trend that is only acceptable for women only. Men also have appearance flaws that can be corrected with the application of just a small bit of makeup. How men feel about how […]

  Why Every Guy Should Have Arbonne In His Bathroom?   RE9 Advanced for Men Exfoliating Wash This invigorating exfoliating cream removes dead skin cells leaving the face feeling fresh, whilst helping to prevent ingrown hairs on the face, a perfect solution to prepare the face before shaving.  £24.00 RE9 ADVANCED for Men Shave Gel […]

Makeup is not only for women anymore and why should it be? Since male celebrities started wearing makeup it has become far more socially accepted than before. Men are equally as keen to want to look their best and to hide unsightly blemishes, saggy bags below the eyes as much as we do. I also […]

Men are much more self aware and image conscious these days and at last it seems they are stepping out in confidence and giving us girls some serious competition in the grooming department! It’s not only the gay market that has seen an increase in male cosmetics but also males in general seem to want […]

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