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How to Apply the Perfect Christmas Makeup

This is the time of year to let all your inhibitions go and to really let loose on your makeup throughout this festive season and to indulge in loads of glitz, glamour, sparkles, glitter and bright lipstick shades!

Whether it’s a hot date or you want to impress at a festive event, Christmas ball or you’re looking to pull out all the stops for your work do, Christmas really is the perfect reason to go that extra mile. So get out your party dress and high heels and with a few makeup tips I’ll help you achieve a breathtaking makeup that’s perfect for you. Especially as Christmas is when you’re definitely going to find yourself in front of a camera and you want to look your best!

Prep the skin

Before you start it’s important to remember to prep your skin, this will ensure that your makeup will last the entire time your dancing the night away. Begin with a thorough tone and cleanse followed up by a generous amount of a good silicone based serum or cream.  A good tip here is to apply the serum or cream over the entire neck, including the back, as this helps to keep the skin taught, whilst your at it apply a generous amount of lip balm onto the lips, this will be good base for your lipstick or lip-gloss and will help to prevent dry cracked lips and they’ll be plump and smooth when its time to pop on the lipstick.

Concealer and Foundation

I always begin by applying the concealer using a soft, flat edged makeup brush in a fine layer on any dark shadows on the face, these shadows are usually found on the inner corner and under the eyes, on the chin, in the t-zone, and around the nose. Once your happy with the blend you’re ready to move onto the foundation. The tip here is to make sure you have the correct shade of foundation by matching it to the nape of your neck or between the ear and cheekbone. Once your satisfied with the colour the best way to apply foundation is to dab a small amount to the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and to work the product into the skin in upward and out ward movements, again remember to apply the foundation to the neck and ears.

Curling lashes, adding lash strips.

Lashes really help to shape the eyes, so use your lash curlers and start at the root and work your way outwards to the lash tip. If you really want to have your eyes pop then this is the time apply a pair of lash strips, you can go as big and bold as you dare here. I personally love massive lashes, especially at Christmas.

Eyeshadow, Mascara and Eyeliner

To get the greatest effect always use a makeup brush to apply your eyeshadow, and the tip here is build the layers of coloured shadow slowly and not just apply it in one big dollop. To get that wide eyed look stick to a light shade on the inner eye, and keep the eyes looking big by blending the shadow gently into the eye socket, but don’t go all the way up to the eyebrows with the same eyeshadow colour otherwise you’ll create the opposite effect. If you want to highlight then subtly apply a highlight below the eyebrow.

Once you are happy with the eyeshadow another good tip here is to use a wet, fine pointed tipped eyebrow brush dipped into a dark brown/black eyeshadow and to lightly feather in the eyebrow shape you want.

Finish the eyes by adding mascara using a flat-ended brush start at the root to tip of eyelash to define each lash. Eyeliner is a personal matter of choice in style, my tip here is to use a fine eyeliner brush with a cream eyeliner, this way you will get the flexibility to draw the exact eyeliner shape you want.

Cheeks and Bronzer

Either a powder or cream blusher works well. The best way to apply blusher is to have a really big smile and to dab a small amount with a fingertip onto the apple of the cheek and to blend up and out. Finish the look with a warm bronzer and as it’s Christmas makeup sure it has plenty of sparkle.

Adding the Final Touch Lipstick and Lip-gloss

To create the perfect lip shape I always use a fine tipped lip-brush dipped into a shade lighter lipstick to draw in my lip-line. Start on the upper right outer corner of the lip and move to the middle of the lips to define the shape you want for your upper lip, and then repeat from the left outer corner. For bottom lip shape follow the same rule as above. To get that extra glossy look add a festive sparkly lip-gloss to finish.

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‘Happy Christmas’ and a very ‘Happy New Year’

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