For centuries makeup has been an integral part of our lives

Heritage and culture

It’s amazing the journey makeup has made to reach this point in history.

A history that spans at least 6000 years and today is present in almost every society on earth.

However, there is the view that cosmetic body art was the first form of a makeup ritual in human culture, dating back over 100,000 years to the ‘African Stone Age.’


What’s fascinating is that makeup has continued to be an integral part of our human lives for centuries, worn to express who we are. For decades makeup has been applied in a variety of ways, giving us the ability to evoke human emotion. Makeup links our society today to our distant relatives in the past.

Makeup has become extremely versatile in its use, and if you stop to think about it, makeup will probably be worn by most of us at some point in our lives.

  There’s so much more to makeup than ‘Lipstick and Mascara.

I often think of makeup as a second skin and is as important as the clothes we wear, used to enhance that feel-good feeling and to have confidence in ourselves, especially when we feel the need to create the persona that we believe fits in todays society, where perfection seems to be the main issue.

Whatever the occasion, the makeup bag, is an essential part of our daily lives. It’s important to look ones best albeit for a first prom makeup, first date, a wedding, job interview or simply because you would not leave home without it.


  Fun Children’s Makeup

Makeup is one of the most versatile products available, no matter what the age, from a toddler having them painted as spiderman.

Or a fairy princess, both children and adults love the opportunity to dress up for Halloween, fancy dress parties and everything in between.


Makeup is used to entertain us and we enjoy the amazing flexibility and impact of special effects makeup when creating the many incredible characters we see on the television, at the cinema or in the theatre.

Specialised makeup

Then there’s the other end of the spectrum, protection in war, when makeup is worn to camouflage faces, protecting soldiers from their enemies, a second skin to blend in with the natural surroundings. This was also a tactic used by ancient tribesman not only to hide but also to invoke fear in their enemies.



Famous legacy

Many famous people through history have relied on makeup take Queen Elizabeth the 1st the virgin queen, who created the so called ‘mask of youth’ her face, neck and hands were painted with ceruse (a mixture of lead and vinegar) and her lips were coloured with a red paste made from beeswax and plant dye, her eyes lined with kohl.

Travelling further back in time as early as 4000 BC the ‘Egyptians’ regarded beauty as a sign of holiness this is one of the reasons why makeup was an integral part of their daily lives, they used ‘Malchite,’ (a copper ore,) ‘Khol’ and ‘Red Orcher’ and ‘Henna.’


The ‘Egyptians’ felt makeup was as important in life as it was in the death this is supported by the fact that cosmetic palettes have been found buried with the deceased as grave goods.

It’s amazing that ‘Khol’ and ‘Henna’ are still used today and as a product they have certainly stood the test of time!

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