Dazzling Glitter Eyes for that special Christmas Party


At Christmas we’re starting to think about that special date and this year the in thing is ‘Glitter and Sparkle’. A makeup style very much in trend with glitters and sparkle applied to the eyes, cheeks, lashes and lips. And, if you really want to go all out you can wear glitter in your hair and on your nails as well. So, if you’re going to a Christmas dinner, dance or ball and not quite decided how you want your makeup to look I’ve got a few glitter focused makeup ideas to inspire you.

7-glitter-feb17Once you’ve applied primer, concealer and foundation the next step is on the eyes. A quick tip if you’re going to use loose glitter eyeshadow do apply a good glitter adhesive or primer. Most glitter primers are clearly labelled with their intended purpose, so look for labels that mention glitter. Many cosmetic lines carry these primers so they won’t be hard to find. Some primers come in a neutral shade so they can be used alongside a pigmented eyeshadow. Use a glitter adhesive or primer with a sticky consistency but not runny. Don’t risk using a product that might run into your eyes. When buying pressed or loose glitter always ensure that you use only a cosmetic-grade glitter and not something from a craft shop!

Begin with the Eyebrows’ – Make sure the eyebrows look super clean and even – no loose straggling brow hairs. Be brave and shape your eyebrows boldly to really accentuate the shape of your eyes, with either an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder and brow brush.

How to use ‘Glitter Eyeshadow’ – Make sure you apply a light base eyeshadow first – for instance if you are going for a vibrant blues or silver then a pale grey would be an ideal base – vibrant reds and orange glitters a pale pink would work well or if it’s a rich gold glitter a pale yellow base and so on…

Apply the adhesive on your eye-lid liberally with a makeup brush; follow label directions. If you are not going to use an adhesive and choose to use a boxed primer and glitter set; you will usually find that these primers have already been mixed with a base eyeshadow pigment to match the glitter eyeshadow.

Dip a damp fluffy eyeshadow brush into the loose glitter. Lightly tap the brush to remove any extra glitter. Tilt your head back to allow a more favourable angle to apply glitter; this also reduces the chances of glitter falling onto your face or into your eyes. A good tip here is to use a small slightly damp cotton wool circle under your lower lashes to catch any fallout.

Use the brush to pat the glitter onto your closed lid; continue to pat until you feel the glitter has settled into place. Brush off any glitter that has fallen to your face with a large fan brush. Close your eyes and use a flicking motion to sweep any glitter away from the face.

6-glitter-feb17 5-glitter-feb17

‘Eyeliner Gels’ – Black and vibrant colours work really well with a glitter eyeshadow, you can make your eyes even more amazing when using a dark eyeliner gel on both the top and lower lashes; you can always add flicks or cats eyes as both these eyeliner styles will both look fabulous with this strong eye look. A tip here is to begin by applying the eyeliner only to the inner corner of the eyes, and from the middle of your eyelid draw a line toward the outer corner. Make the line thicker as you approach the outer corner. Then connect each corner of your eye to the middle point. Repeat with the lower lash line.

‘Mascara’ – To give your eyes an entirely open look apply a couple of layers of dark mascara to your lashes; if you’re really want some glitter glamour then treat yourself to a pair massive glitter lashes.

‘Face and Cheeks’ – With a soft powder brush add a splash of glitter on the forehead, cheeks and chin to guarantee that little bit of extra shimmer and sparkle.

‘Lipstick’ – To finish your festive makeup look coat your lips with an exciting lipstick, MAC makeup have an amazingly creamy glitter lipstick set.

    3-glitter-feb17 2-glitter-feb17

A very Happy Christmas!

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