Festival and Party Makeup

If you’re looking for a dynamic makeup style to look your best for that all-important Festival, Club Night or Special Party here are a few ideas!


The secret for a great looking and long lasting makeup is in the preparation…Silicone based makeup is in my opinion the iPod of makeup.

First step is to buy a good silicone based primer and apply generously all over the face, giving special attention to the forehead, under the eyes and any unwanted fine lines and pores, if you do this, then your makeup will look fabulous throughout the day and evening.

The next step is to apply the concealer – a good tip here is if your concealer is a little dry to add a drop of silicone primer into a small amount of concealer and this will bring the concealer back to life, giving it a lovely creamy finish, which is the ideal medium to apply onto the problem areas! Once this is done use a light covering of a good quality silicone foundation – Airbase is my favourite brand.

When considering how to do your makeup anything goes; from saturated bold eyes & bold lips looks, to false lashes, glitter, retro classic makeup styles, natural looks, glowing bronzed skin, pale skin, balanced styles, funky colored looks – makeup may be a mix of bold, sparkly eye shadow coupled with vibrant, bright lipsticks, (think Rihanna & Rita Ora.) it’s all a matter of personal taste & having fun. The best part about it is that this is the beginning of 2017 and the new festival party year has only just begun, so there’s no better reason than to experiment and to see yourself as never before.

If you fancy trying something that little bit different ‘Goth Glamour,’ is back in trend this spring, especially as the ‘Twilight’ series is going to be back on TV shortly and this will definitely influence the ‘Summer Festival’ party circuit season. Pale vampish skin needs a pale foundation at least two shades lighter than you would normally wear. This makeup look lends itself to featuring strong eye shadow, heavy, dark eyeliner and rich red lips to make those heads turn on the dance floor.

What about smoky eyes? This makeup style can be thought of as a been-there-done-that-turned-classic look, but do keep it in mind for the big party, if you love it, and look amazing. Go for it!


Matt white and glittered white eye shadow, sparkling silver blends with mixed shades of grey and bold red eye shadow certainly bring a new and different look for the eyes. Try wearing a waterproof, long lasting eye shadow, it doesn’t smudge and ‘Smashbox Limitless’ 15 hour cream eye shadow comes highly recommended for its staying power.

For the more daring party girl then black glitter and vibrant pink glittered eyes and matching nails will certainly get you noticed.

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