Wear the Right Makeup for You


Employing a professional to apply make-up is often considered a treat for many of us. It’s a luxury saved for a special night out, a first date, a wedding or a prom.

Every woman naturally wants to look her best, and the face is usually the first part of you that other people see when you meet. The surprising thing is whilst many of us make the time and effort to keep up with the fashions and try to dress to look the best we can, unfortunately the same cannot always be said about the make-up we wear.

How many of us ever take the time to learn how to choose and apply make-up to make the very best of our features?

I know from my experience as a make-up artist that a well-applied makeup looks fabulous; it makes us feel good feel better, more attractive and even confident.

Did you knteen-makeupow that everyone’s skin has a pink (cool) or yellow (warm) undertone? And, that the simple way to determine your skin tone is whether your veins have a blue tint or a green tint. If you have blue veins you have a cool undertone, but if your veins have more of a green tint then you have a warm undertone. This simple rule is vital when choosing the correct foundation shade for your skin.

Blusher is another product to understand. If you have a pink undertone, pinks will look pinker and stand out a lot, and I would tend to steer away from pink blusher and go more peach. If you have a darker, warm tone, pink and peach blushers will work well with your skin tone.

A skin tone also affects the eye shadow you wear. Bright eye shadow colours can look dull with a warm tone, so if you have a warm tone use a light colour base under a bright colour and this will help the eye-shadow pigment to stand out more.

If you have a yellow undertone, use lipsticks with an orange base, while eye shadow colours including olive green, gold brown, greys and blacks will always give your eyes depth.

Often when we go shopping for makeup we stick to the same shades and colours that we’ve used for years. That’s because we are so accustomed to the makeup we wear, it’s only natural to be wary of buying and trying something a little different. Especially when you already have a draw crammed with makeup products you’ve already bought and simply don’t like the way the product looks on your face when you try it. Besides makeup is expensive these days and once it’s been used, as we all know, it’s a non-refundable item and you’re stuck with it!

My tip here is to go online and to download a colour wheel. Colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel are found together in nature. These adjacent colours are harmonious to look at and therefore work well together, so this is a useful tool when choosing your eyeshadow shades.


The final tip this month is for when applying eyeshadow. Regardless of the eye-shape choose the lightest shade for the base and inner eye shadow, and then to use a darker shade for the middle to outer edge of the eye, and to define shape and depth to the outer eyelid add the darkest shade of colour. To get a smoky eye look use black, charcoal grey or grey under the eye, it always works a treat.

If you would like to learn new ways to wear your make-up, and have your unique make-up colour chart done we’d love to hear from you.

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