Makeup Box Tips for Perfect Eyebrows

lashes210Eyebrows are possibly one of the most defining features on your face, and the style of eyebrow you choose and can have a lot of influence on your overall look. If you are one of many people who just don’t know how to tame, groom or flatter their brows or suffer from brows that are too light, too sparse or simply completely the wrong shape, this article will show you ways to create the perfect eyebrows for you in no time at all.

When it comes to brow maintenance, there’s a reason so many of us leave it up to the pros. After all, the full process involves dodging a minefield of hazards like over-plucking and over-filling, not to mention selecting the wrong products.

The first tip is to remember is ‘Symmetry’ is key when it comes to enhancing eyebrows, regardless of whether you want your brows to look structured and precise, or wild and unruly. (Take a look at the ‘Perfect Brow Shape Guide’ as this will help you).


If you’ve spent your life plucking and waxing your brows, and now you want them to be thick, the first thing to do is stop plucking right away and let the hair grow back in. Once you have a decent amount of brow hair then you can re-shape.

To achieve the ideal shape, begin combing the brow hair using a traditional brow comb and a clean mascara wand. Start from the front of the eyebrow and work towards the tail of the brow, gently pulling the root of the brow hair in the same direction of the hair growth, following the natural curve of the brow bone to get the desired shape.

shaping-brows200When you have the brow shaped how you want it remove the unwanted brow hairs, this is where you have several options; either you can tweeze, wax or thread. If your natural brow contour doesn’t give you enough to work with you can use a brow stencil to help you to shape and define your eyebrow.

Once this has been done if the brow hairs are too long trim them using a small sharp pair of nail scissors.

These days it’s all about thicker eyebrows, which is a bonus for the more mature face as a strong brow will enhance the eyes and give the face a more youthful appearance.

In the case of very fine or over plucked brows that won’t grow back you will need to fill in the gaps using an eyebrow pencil, eye gel or eye-shadow powder, personally I prefer to use a fine tipped makeup brush (such as a MAC 210) dipped in a rich pigmented dark brown eyeshadow, I find a brush enables you to achieve a subtle brow fill, whereas a brow pencil often leaves a heavy impression that does not look so natural.

When filling in the brows select a colour just slightly darker than your natural brow colour. For a more dramatic look choose a colour a couple of shades darker than your natural brow colour. Wet the brush tip in water, fill the brush with powder and very softly, gently feather in the eyebrows to thickness you want.

If your eyebrows are naturally very dark in colour then you can afford to experiment with gels and eyeliner creams to fill in the brows.

If your eyebrows are very light in colour, you might want to have them professionally tinted, as it will be a more natural look.

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