Summer Weddings – Keep Your Makeup Looking Good All Day

If your getting married or going to a wedding this summer here’s a few makeup tips to keep your makeup looking and feeling fresh all day! There’s nothing like a hot, clear skied, sunny day for a wedding comfortable in the knowledge that you’re not going to see a single drop of rain on such a special day. Here’s how to ensure your makeup survives the heat of a shining sun at an outdoor wedding whilst you mingle with the guests in these idyllic surroundings.

My first tip is to use a sun protection cream on the face before you begin your makeup.

Next always remember that all creamy based products, especially blushers and eye shadows should be avoided in the heat, use a powder-based product as this has far more staying power!

After applying your foundation do add a light dusting of translucent powder all over the face as this will help the foundation to last in the sun.

eyeshadow-weddingAlways avoid pencil eye-liners as these have an uncanny habit of melting and becoming smudged around the eyes, it’s best to wear a waterproof eyeliner on these occasions, and if you’re not confident about applying a liquid liner, a simple tip here is to take a wet eyeliner brush dipped into a powder based eyeliner and to outline the shape of the eyeliner you want to create first.

Make sure to wear waterproof mascara on your lashes.


Lipstick is always the trickiest product to keep on all day, especially when you’re kissing family and friends and enjoying the occasional glass of champagne. The latest craze is to use a ‘Lip stain,’ especially one that claims to last the full twenty-four hours. Apply the liquid lip colour to clean, bare lips. Allow a full two minutes to dry, and then apply an ultra-conditioning balm to seal in the softness. Reapply balm as needed. The best thing here is that your lip colour will only be removed by using an oil-based makeup remover.

During the day protect your skin, and carry an umbrella and use it as a parasol to shield your face from the sun, especially if you’re having a photo shoot between twelve and three when the sun is at it’s peak!


Next always carry an emergency beauty kit with you in your handbag, a small canister of cold water to spray on the back of your neck, or face wipes will cool you down in an instant. My favourite is ‘Avene Thermal Spring Water,’ as it contains a unique active ingredient, renowned by dermatologists for its soothing properties. This facial spray is great in hot weather.

Finally in the event you start to perspire a quick and easy way to instantly remove unsightly beads of sweat from your face is to carry a packet of powder-free blotting papers, and then to touch up your makeup with a small dab of foundation – preferably silicone based.

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