Recommended Makeup Products For Sensitive Skin

Let’s begin with foundations…

Many of us can be put off wearing foundation if we have sensitive skin that reacts badly every time we use it. The most important thing to remember especially for skin types that are oily, especially dry and/or sensitive is to choose a foundation that will allow the skin to breath and also hydrate the skin. This will help to prevent the pores clogging up that will often cause unwanted spots and flaky skin. If the problem is oily skin, in addition to allowing the skin and hydrate, the main objective here is to prevent shine.

Sensitive Skin After Makeup

‘Mac Studio Sculpt SP15 Foundation,’ ticks all the boxes for dry and/or sensitive skin; it’s a light creamy textured gel that gives a great coverage and covers dark circles and blemishes well and looks great on the skin all day.

‘Makeup Forever HD Foundation,’ is ideal for both dry and oily skin types, gives a flawless finish and works particularly well when covering hyperpigmentation, dark circles, scars and spots.

Loreal‘L’Oreal – Visible Fit Serum Absolute Advanced Age–Reversing Makeup,’ is perfect for mature skins that fall in the 45 plus age range as it hydrates and helps to regenerate skin whilst providing a light full coverage.

‘NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer,’ has a light, fluid consistency and once applied gives an even, barely there makeup look, with a warm, sun-kissed finish to your face. Great if you’re in a hurry as it’s quick and easy to apply.

‘Bare Minerals SPF Matte Foundation,’ is a mineral- based powder that gives a flawless coverage with a natural matte finish, which when applied feels like cream and is completely free from preservatives talc, oil, waxes and other chemicals that can irritate and cause breakouts. Perfect for really sensitive, oily skin.

Fruit pigmented‘Fruit Pigmented Healthy Skin Foundation,’ offers a completely new approach to foundation as it’s made with fruit and vegetable pigments instead of using minerals; the added SPF 20 protects the skin from the suns harmful rays. A rich and creamy, full coverage foundation that will conceal any imperfections without looking heavy on the skin.

If you suffer with eye allergies every time you wear eye makeup…
You need to be careful to choose a makeup brand that will not cause irritation and discomfort by avoiding all products with any ingredients that are contain harsh chemicals and fragrances. Makeup companies are always evolving and nowadays there are many products specifically designed for those with allergies and sensitive eyes or if you wear contact lenses. The tip here is to read product labels and make sure the brand is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and approved by ophthalmologists.
‘Almay,’ makeup has been designed especially for those with extremely sensitive eyes and if you wear contact lenses. Almay offer a fabulous range of eye-shadow colours for you to choose from, as well as providing a good selection of eyeliners in ‘Pencil, Liquid and Kohl’ formulations.

‘Green People Organic Volumising Mascara,’ is one of the few natural formulations for sensitive eyes that’s really water-resistant.

‘Clinique,’ is a well known for its sensitive skin products and this makeup range is allergy tested and 100% fragrance free, making it a perfect option for people with allergies and/or sensitive eyes. In addition to a varied and excitingly colourful eye shadow range try the Naturally Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, which is as it states, gentle on the eyes, removes makeup easily and doesn’t leave a greasy feel. If you’re looking for primer try Clinique’s new ‘All About Shadow Primer for Eyes’. This skin-toned colour primer preps lids and creates a natural base, which can either be worn on it’s own for a flawless natural look, or when used as a base Clinique ensure their eye-shadow will stay fixed and look great for up to twelve hours.

‘Neutrogena,’ is well known for its natural and fragrance free eye makeup range the Nourishing Eyeliner is well worth having in your makeup bag.
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