How to Apply Lipstick

There are many different ways to apply lipstick, but a few extra steps cannot only make your lipstick last longer, but also appear smoother and crisper. This article will show you how to apply lipstick properly. It will also give you a few tips on how to make your lips appear larger or smaller, or to get that cute cupid bow.

Step One – Is to exfoliate as this will help remove any dead skin cells, as there is nothing worse than having loose bits of dead skin messing up your lipstick. Exfoliating will give you a smooth canvas to work on and it will also help your lips feel softer. The best way to exfoliate your lips is by gently brushing them with a toothbrush for a few seconds with a lip scrub. Don’t worry if you don’t possess a lip scrub, as it’s easy to make by using one part cooking oil and one part sugar.

Step Two – The secret to great looking lips is to make sure that you moisturize your lips with a lip balm as this will not only help soften your lips and make them smooth, but it will also help the lip liner and lipstick go on more evenly. Make sure that you remove any excess lip balm with a soft tissue before you begin to apply your lip-liner.

Step Three – If you are going to wear a bright shade of lipstick then a good tip here is to apply a small amount of foundation with a makeup sponge around the mouth as this will prevent the strong lipstick pigment from running into the skin area around the lips.

Step Four – Lip liner is very important. It will give you the ability to shape the lips how you want them. If you are going to wear a bold colour lipstick, choose a lip liner that matches the lipstick colour.

Applying lipstick

Step Five – When you apply your lip liner you can change the way your lips look. By outlining your lips you can make your lips appear bigger, smaller, rounder, or wider. To make your lips appear smaller, apply the lip liner to just inside the lip line. Apply some concealer around your lips to hide your natural lip line.

• To make your lips appear bigger, apply the lip liner to just outside your lip line; it should still be touching your natural lip line.
• To make your lips appear wider, apply the lip liner along your natural lip line, but then extend it just past the corners of your lips.
• To make your lips appear narrower apply the lip liner to just inside the lip line and the corner of the mouth. Conceal your natural lip line with a little concealer and foundation.
• To make either the upper or bottom lip appear fuller, apply the lip liner to just outside the lip line. Stay within the lip line for the rest of your lips.
• For a softer, more natural look, tap the lip liner on the corners of your lips with your finger. This will help soften any sharp edges.

Step Six – Always make sure that you choose a lipstick shade that compliments your skin tone. Apply your lipstick with a lip brush for more precision and begin to apply the lip stick from the centre of the lips and brush outwards to the edge and corner of the lips. It’s a bit like paint by numbers, as you must make sure that you fill in the entire mouth area and not miss any spots. Another tip to make you lipstick stay on for longer is to gently pull a tissue apart so that you end up with two, thin sheets. Press one of the sheets against your lips and lightly dust it with some translucent setting powder. Pull the tissue away and apply a second coat of lipstick this will give you a more lasting and vibrant colour.

If you do go over the lip line then a good way to correct this is to dip a fine tipped brush into a concealer that matches your skin tone, then outline your lips with it. Blend it outward into your foundation. It will not only give your lips a nice, crisp outline, but it will also prevent the lipstick from smearing

If you have decided to draw in a cupid bow another handy tip is tom use a white or ivory high lighter pencil on the cupids bow as this will help accentuate the natural shape of your lip. Make sure you do not draw over the lipstick; draw above it.

Step Seven – Finish by adding a splash of lip-gloss to add a little sparkle and shine.
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