Halloween Makeup for Kids

scary-teenagerHalloween is just around the corner and children of all ages love to look like their favourite ‘Halloween’ character when they go ‘Trick or Treating’. Naturally you want to be involved so here are a few makeup ideas to help you along the way.

If you don’t feel really confident in face painting it’s worth considering buying a ‘Halloween’ face painting palette kit, great for older kids who want to be transformed into a witch, a monster, a skeleton or a scary ghost. These kits are gentle on the skin, easy to apply, and come with simple step-by-step instructions along with a good selection of face paints, a makeup brush and reasonably priced at around ten pounds.

If the theme is more for a ghoulish teen who wants to look really squeamish then a good fake blood is made by ‘Snazaroo’ who sell a very realistic special effects fake gel blood for around £10.00, this mixed with a ‘Smiffy’s Spray’ blood at £2.69 will definitely produce a really gruesome design.

Toddlers also want to be included in going ‘Trick and Treating’, and in my experience at such a tender age they are always happy to be a super hero a clown or a fairy. It’s not always easy to get your little one to sit still for long so it makes sense to keep the makeup design fairly simple. The whole face does not need to be painted, keep the emphasis on the eyes, the cheeks and the lips.
scary-toddlerGrim’ face paints are ideal for toddlers being water based makeup products, and they have a great choice of colours to choose from. The advantage is they are un-perfumed and gluten free, and so suitable for young sensitive skins. Being water based the face paints will wash off easily with soap and water, however if you don’t want to buy face paints for your child you may find you have all you need already in your makeup bag. A good tip here is to use a cream eye-shadow or you can wet a powdered eye-shadow with water both are ideal for face painting, also lipstick liners and pencilled eyeliners are perfect for outlining the shapes you want, making squiggles, drawing stars and dots. Red lipstick is great, especially for clown lips.

Clown Face
Make the eyes larger using either face paint or white eye-shadow, then outline with a black and white eyeliner and use either green face paints or a green cream eye-shadow. Complete by drawing a large red mouth with your lipstick with a fine makeup brush and then outline the lips with a soft white and black eyeliner pencil and finish by adding white dimples.

Superhero Face
Once you have drawn the shape of the face -mask with a black eyeliner pencil fill in the mask using a cream eye shadow with a flat ended makeup brush. To make the eyebrows stand out apply a small amount of Vaseline using a cotton bud.

Glitter Fairy
Use a pink lipstick liner to draw a pink line to define the shape of the eyes, begin with the upper eye- lid first, and then apply the eye colour out toward the temples and include the cheekbone area. To paint the cheeks and temples wet your soft lavender, purple or pink eye shadow, and apply this with a wet makeup brush. To add that touch of magic, take a cotton wool pad and gentle press on some glitter or sparkle across the cheeks, and finish by drawing a few little stars using a white eyeliner pencil.

‘Happy Halloween’

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