Great Prom Hair and Makeup Tips for 2015

If you’ve found the perfect dress for the one of the mProm-hair--braid-and-long-curlsost important events this summer… ‘Prom’ night: Completing the look and deciding how you will style your hair and makeup is a separate challenge that should not be left to the last minute, and with prom only weeks away it’s time to make some decisions. When the day arrives you want to ensure you’re stress free and ready to have the time of your life. With this in mind here are a few fabulous hair and makeup tips to suit your unique hair and makeup style.

My first tip is if your doing your hair and make-up yourself or having a professional do it for you is to always have a trial run. It’s not the best idea to try something new on the day of the prom in case you hate it and that really is a stress you can do without.

messy-updo-prom-hairstyleSo to Begin with Hair… one of the most popular ‘Prom’ hair styles must be the messy up-do this always looks good for all hair that’s shoulder length or longer, this casual look needs plenty of texture in the form of curls and waves.

Half-up half-down offers a massive choice in how you actually wear your hair – you can go for the dramatic, sexy pinned back look or you can wear hair straight, wavy or curly, which ever way you wear it, this is a great style to show off healthy, gorgeous hair.

Braids always create a unique hairstyle and can be worn in long hair, short hair, down the side in a bun or an up-do and can even be half hidden in a jumble of curls.

Short hair can be accused of not being versatile enough, especially when it comes to fun formal styles. By simply adding a few curls, flips, hair accessories or splashes of colour you can take your short cut to a whole new stylish dimension. Prom is a great time to step it up and make a statement.

Metalic-eyes1Onto Makeup… remember your prom pictures will reflect this special moment for many years to come, so choose a look that enhances your natural beauty. If you generally don’t like wearing makeup then it’s always best to go for a barely there, natural look, emphasising a soft pastel colour on either the eyes or the lips; however if you like to wear lots of makeup then go for it with a strong, metallic, smoky eye look enhanced with plenty of eye-liner applied with exaggerated flicks along the upper lid. Whichever path you choose just make sure you still feel and look like you.

How to choose the right eye-shadow colours… first of all the important thing here to remember is the eye colour shadows that will work for you usually will be influenced by your skin tone. Secondly remember you don’t have to match your eye-shadow colour to match the exact colour of your eyes or colour of your prom dress. When you’re choosing a new eye-shadow here are few eye-shadow shades, which I find work well for brown, hazel, blue and green eyes, ultimately the eye shadow shades you choose should be decided by your personal style, what looks good and feels right to you.

gold-metallicBrown and hazel-eyed people are pretty lucky in this regard as these eyes can look great with almost every eye-shadow colour created. From amber, slate grey, charcoal, copper to lavender, violet all suit brown and hazel eyes. Even eye-shadow shades like khaki, olive, dark brown and yellow shades like gold work well.

Baby blue eyes, you can really make them pop for your prom eye makeup, using colours such as gold, sparkles, silver shadows and glitter, brown and orange, copper. You can even throw in some blue eyeliner or brown mascara. Pink, orange, peach, purple, coral, wine, grey, the secret here is that black undertones emphasize blue eyes more.

A good tip when you apply your eyes-shadow is to ensure your eye-shadow stays put the whole night is to use a creamy eye shadow as a base and build on the base colour using a powder eye-shadow, this always helps the shadow last longer.

The Three Most Popular Prom Makeup Styles This Year

Go bold… this year the biggest trend for eye-makeup is anything metallic, with plenty of eyeliner and mascara paired with a barely there lipstick shade.

Classic red… bold red lipstick paired with a smoky eye is a look that will certainly get you noticed. There are plenty of different shades of red so choosing one that matches your skin tone is key! From ruby red to pillar box red there’s plenty of scrummy rich red lipsticks and glosses to choose from.

Barely there… every year a winner, a makeup look which suits every face and always looks fabulous, complimented with a strip of big lashes, plenty of mascara, a touch of bronzer and a splash of soft baby pink or peach lipstick.

Have a great prom night!

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