Great Looking Feet for this Summer

nail-art1-1Keep your feet happy and they’ll serve you well for many years to come. We often forget about caring for our feet, especially in the winter months when our poor feet barely see the light of day, often walking for miles in tight shoes, boots and trainers and our toes bundled up in stockings or socks.

For many of us it’s not until the weather gets warm and summer is upon us, when our feet are in full view in flip flops, sandals and open toe shoes do we really remember pay any attention to our feet. Here are a few handy tips on how to have fabulous looking feet this summer.

The first step is a good pedicure. It’s a lovely treat for your feet, whether you go to salon or do your pedicure yourself.

1) Soak your feet in comfortably warm, scented water in a foot spa or even a large washing up bowl will do.

2) Trim the nails with a sharp pair of nail scissors.

3) Once the skin has softened massage a foot exfoliating rub with salts or minerals all over your foot and then rinse, remove the dead skin using a pumice stone and soak feet once again and dry.

4) Apply cuticle remover on the toe nail bed and gently push back the cuticles, then carefully cut away any dead skin with a small pair of cuticle clippers, rinse feet and dry.

5) Now for the best bit. Apply and massage a rich cream all over the foot, paying special attention to the sole of your foot. To keep your feet feeling soft and to prevent the skin becoming dry and flaky, rub cream into your feet every night before you hop into bed. Your feet will love it!


Nail Art and Jewels

These days painted toes, nail art and toe rings are every bit a fashion statement as are your finger -nails. Toes can be painted in a total contrast to your fingernails or you can use the same design for both. And if you want you can apply your summer makeup colours to compliment your nail art.

From a bright coral perfect for the beach, to a tan-enhancing orange shade, a soft pearly pink to a luscious red, shades of lemon and lime, to glittery nail polish…all these scrummy colours will definitely flatter your feet.

To really get those toes really noticed go for nail art. This a growing trend in the beauty and fashion world and looks very pretty on both your fingers and toe nails.

With a little practice painting your toes is really simple, once you have painted your base colour you can buy ready made nail art stickers, coloured shapes and nail art jewels. If you’re feeling really creative paint your own unique design using different nail polish colours. Finish by adding a couple of coats of a good quality topcoat, as this will help the nail polish last longer.

For that final touch to add a little foot glamour wear a toe ring and an ankle bracelet.


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