Party Makeup Tips 2015

Out of the Box – Makeup Tips

Sultry, Sexy Eyeliner

eyeliner-feb15-2Think Angelina Jolie… Black eyeliner applied thickly over the upper lid makes a bold yet elegant statement.

The secret to achieving such a perfect eye-line is to use a liquid or gel eyeliner, my favourite is MAC ‘Superslick Liquid Eyeliner’ always a winner for sultry, sexy eyes.

Close the eye and apply the eyeliner using a fine eyeliner brush. Start on the inner corner of the eye-lid and brush the line outward before winging it slightly on the outer corner of the eye-lid.

A good tip is to make small dashes along the upper lash line, then back to the inner eye, connect the dashes into a smooth line before applying a second coat.

Brows Are Very Much In-trend This Season

eyebrows-feb15Makeup is always enhanced when finished with a stunning ‘Brow Line’. Brows are the key to framing the face.

Perfect shaped brows are easy to achieve. Begin by preparing the brows using a brow comb to brush the hairs in the direction in which you wish to create your brow shape, make sure that the hairs fill in any bare spots. Next using a pair of tweezers pluck out any stray brow hairs that do not complement your brow line.

Finish by wetting a fine tipped eye-brow brush with a drop of water and mix the brush tip into either a dark brown or black eye-shadow and lightly brush the dampened eye-shadow onto the brow to shape and fill in as desired.

Luscious Pouty Lips

lips-feb15-1Vibrant red shades of lipstick, electric orange, massive fuchsia pinks or even a scrummy shade of chocolate will turn heads. This year leave the matte browns, mauve and baby pinks in the draw.
The secret to luscious pouty lips is to follow these few simple tips… Begin by exfoliating the lips; check out ‘Nvey’ as they have the perfect lip exfoliator, use a soft toothbrush and gently brush along the lips to remove any dry, flaky, cracked skin. A mirror is a ‘must have’ when applying lip-liner.

A neutral coloured lip liner is always the best, create your lip line using a soft lip pencil or a fine tipped lip brush dipped in lipstick will do.

Draw the lip-line from the outside of the lips to the centre, carefully tracing the natural lip shape of the mouth for definition.

Next apply a little lip balm as a lip plumper Carmex works really well. For a precise application use a lipstick brush, begin from the centre of the lips and brush the lipstick outwards, making sure every part of the lips are coated well. Apply sparingly before the second coat. Remove excess lipstick by popping a tissue between the lips and closing the mouth. To get that super glossy finish, add a splash of lip-gloss.

Glitters, Sparkles and Shimmers

glow-feb15Winter is the time for sparkle and shimmer and there’s plenty to choose from! My favourite at the moment is ‘Sun Beam from Benefit’. To get your own shimmer, with a soft round-ended brush sweep the powder over your cheekbones, below your brow bone and on the inner corner of your eyes. If your skin is light, try a light-based highlighter with soft slivers, pinks and for ladies with sun-kissed tones and rich olive complexions golden sparkles and warm shimmering bronzers look terrific.

The wonderful thing about glitter and sparkles is that these magic little pots can change your ordinary makeup look and transform it into something entirely different. Glitters and sparkles can be added to eye-shadow, lipstick and even your nail polish! Gold and silver always a winner.

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