Out of the Box Makeup Tips

makeup-tips-picWe all want our makeup to looking great and here’s a dozen makeup tips to help you create a perfect, flawless makeup. This can be achieved by applying makeup in layers using the minimalist amount of makeup, it’s important not to apply your makeup in thick dollops, the secret is less makeup results in a great makeup finish.

Makeup Tip One:  Always begin with a clean face.

Makeup Tip Two:  A silicone primer suits most skin types and has the most staying power, providing a fabulous base whilst feeling light on the skin. Apply a few drops evenly over the face, paying attention to fine lines, under the eyes and around the nose.

Makeup Tip Three:  Always apply concealer and foundation using two makeup brushes. A fine tipped brush to apply and a square edged brush to blend the concealer over the skin. The brushes I like the best for this job are the MAC 287 to apply and the MAC 133 for blending.

Makeup Tip Four:  Concealer is used to hide blemishes, dark shadows beneath the eyes, across the eye-lid and shadows on the inner eye socket as well as fine lines and blemishes on the face. A smooth crème concealer is always best. If your concealer has dried out add a couple of drops of your foundation and mix well into your concealer.

Makeup Tip Five:  Foundation with a silicone base has great staying power, feels light on the skin and guarantees a flawless finish every time.  Apply evenly using a soft foundation brush on the face and neck.

Makeup Tip Six:  To apply blusher use a small rounded blusher brush, the ‘MAC 107’ makeup brush is a fab makeup brush for this task. Smile and apply blusher onto the apple of the cheek and then continue along the top cheekbone. Remember to tap off any excess blusher from your blusher brush onto a tissue before you apply it. If you find you have used far too much blusher on your cheeks dab a cotton ball lightly onto the cheek. To remove a hard blusher line use a few drops of silicone foundation and brush lightly across the cheek using your foundation brush, this will lighten and smooth the blusher.

Makeup Tip Seven:  When applying eye shadow a good makeup tip is to apply a light base colour on the inner top eye-lid. Using a darker eye colour shade on the upper outer eyelid, finishing off with a third eye-shadow colour applied across the middle eyelid. Make sure blend well as this will avoid hard lines. If your eyes are dark set avoid applying eye shadow over the bony upper eye socket as this can look as if you have been given a black eye! Highlight or use a light eye shadow in this area to open the eyes.

eye makeup

Makeup Tip Eight:  Eyeliner is always tricky to apply and the best makeup brush I have found to get a fine line on both upper lid and the lower lash line is the MAC 210 – A fabulous brush. For the upper lid I always use liquid liner and for the lower lash line I will use a soft black eye shadow applied with a wet eyeliner brush.

Makeup Tip Nine:  Waterproof mascara is always best. When applying mascara use a flat-ended makeup brush and literally paint each eyelash. This technique works especially well on the lower lashes and avoids unsightly smudge marks using a thick mascara wand.

Makeup Tip Ten:  Eyebrows that are too thin or misshapen can be balanced and evened out with a fine wet tipped brush and a dark brown eye shadow. Lightly fill in the brow line, the MAC 210 works great here.

Makeup Tip Eleven:  For that overall healthy glow a fine dusting of bronzer always warms the face – to keep it natural chose use a bronzer that matches your skin tone.

Makeup Tip Twelve:  Dry, cracked lips can spoil the overall look of your makeup. Carmex applied with a cotton bud works wonders for soft, flawless lips and sits well beneath lip-gloss and lipstick. Carmex can also be applied on top of a matt lipstick to give an extra glossy shine to your lips

Karen Loraine

The Makeup Box Studio – Horsham and Balcombe


Winner of the Southern Business Award 2011

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