The New Alternative – The Sunless Suntan

The New Alternative – The Sunless Suntan

Did you know if you use a sun bed from a young age the risk of malignant melanoma increases by 75%? That skin cancer is the fastest rising cancer in Britain, with cases increasing by almost half in the last decade and that there are approximately 9,000 cases of malignant melanoma diagnosed each year in the UK alone, and 1,800 people will die from this wretched disease this year.

So sun seekers whilst a rich, bronze-coloured tan is always cosmetically pleasing it makes sense to look at the alternative, safer ways to achieve that important all over golden tan during the summer. Especially if you have a light skin tone that easily burns.

The latest and safest trend these-days is a specially formulated makeup for a sunless tan. There’s a great choose of branded lotions and potions for sunless suntans on the market. Whilst you can apply this at home yourself, the best method is to be professionally airbrushed, preferably in a well-ventilated room as opposed to an enclosed spray tan unit. As with all cosmetic preparations it’s never advisable to breath in the products, get products in your eyes, in your mouth or nose, under your nails or in your hair.

Done well an airbrushed makeup suntan can look fabulous and natural, just as if you have returned from some hot distant sunspot. Like a traditional suntan your sunless tan will last five to seven days, this is because your skin will naturally continue to shed dead skin cells, regardless of whether your suntan is sun assisted or makeup orientated.

When looking for an effective sunless tanning product, make sure the formula has the active magic ingredient dihydroxyacetone or (DHA) as it is often called.

DHA is a colourless solution, derived from ‘Glycerin,’ which interacts with the amino acids in your skin. DHA is not absorbed into the body through the skin and it has no known toxicity. What’s reassuring is that DHA has been listed with the FDA (Food and drug administration) since 1973 and used safely in many cosmetics today.

Do remember that even with your fantastic sunless suntan, your skin still needs to be protected from the sun’s harmful rays when you’re out and about so do wear SPF sunscreen cream to protect your skin. Happy holidays.

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