Prom Makeup Looks and Prom Makeup Tips

Prom Makeup Looks and Prom Makeup Tips 2012

This Years Proms Are Just Around the Corner

Probably by now you’ve chosen your prom dress, thought about how you want your prom hair to look, now its time to start thinking about your prom makeup …

‘Prom makeup tips hot off the press. ‘

When choosing your eye shadow, eyeliner and the colour of your lipstick remember that your makeup look should be used to accentuate your natural beauty… not to hide it… Well applied eye shadow albeit a subtle blend of colours or a bold smokey eye look you want your eyes to  compliment and to accentuate the colour of your dress, your eyes and hair. Its always a good idea if you do have a sensitive skin and occasionally have an allergic reactions to products to try them out well before the prom night!

Prom makeup falls into two groups. Those who only want to wear a minuscule amount of makeup  or those who want to go the whole hog and to do the extreme makeover.

True natural beauty comes from inside, however a great prom makeup will give you added confidence the moment you walk into a room, especially when you feel every pair of eyes turn to look at you.

Prom Makeup as fashion offers every makeup look and style imaginable. Its worth every penny on this occasion to have your prom make-up applied professionally by a trained makeup artist. What’s important here is that whilst you have a makeup look which you wear day in and day out, prom night is a fabulous opportunity to try a different makeup look and to see yourself as never before.

Keep in mind that prom makeup should always be fun, for once you can go slightly over the top, use shimmering colors, bolder nuances of eyeliner, fake lashes and more intense shades of lipstick.

Prom makeup tips for concealer and the right foundation.

Concealer: Avoid using concealer too heavily around the eyes. The skin under your eyes is especially thin and sensitive, be careful only to dab the smallest amount of concealer to hide any unwanted dark lines or shadows. A good nights sleep, if that’s at all possible before such an exciting event is the better option than dark panda eyes.

Foundations to look for…. Choose a foundation to match your skin type. The lightest and easiest to wear foundations are the silicone based foundation. Airbase make a great one. When selecting the right foundation put a drop onto the temple of your face and if the foundation blends into your skin tome then its the right one for you. Don’t bother with the back of your hand as its always miles off from the correct foundation colour for your face..

If you are unlucky and prone to greasy or acne skin make sure you use an oil free or silicone foundation. If your skin is prone to be a little bit on the dry or sensitive side, don’t take any chances and go for a hypoallergenic foundation. If your blessed with a good completion and the odd blemish a tinted moisturizer should do the trick. If the whole idea of wearing any foundation at all is a definite no and you want that sun drenched look, try an all in one bronzer.

A Great Choice of Prom Makeup Styles For 2014


Prom night you will want to stand out, and one style this season is DRAMATIC… grey and silver eye shadow, lots of eyeliner, big lashes and red ruby lips. Try wearing false eyelashes, to add plenty of volume to your eyes or if you want a really dynamic look a pair of jeweled lashes will definitely to stand out.



Have your makeup airbrushed with a silicone foundation to give your face the natural, flawless finish; a subtle touch of peach or palest pink blusher will add a touch of colour.Soft pinks, peaches, lilac, and white pearl eye shadows, the merest hint of eyeliner, to enhance the natural eyelash and give them a subtle fuller, longer look think about having your eyelashes tinted. The lips should be complimented with pastel pinks, peaches or a soft tone of brown long lasting lip-gloss.


Smokey eyes is always a winner. The ideal time to break away from the traditional blacks and charcoal grays, go for deep purples, emerald greens, or deep even blues, or mix bronze and copper shades with chocolate browns. A thin line of black eyeliner, several coats of mascara and completing the overall makeup look with dark pink lipstick.



A light dusting of bronzer on the cheeks, the forehead and chin for a healthy summer glow, with a neutral blush with golden finish on top for added radiance. The sun kissed makeup look gives you the opportunity to go for a dramatic cats eye look or a neutral eye makeup. If its cats eyes your after always a good idea to keep the lips soft and natural with a soft pale lip gloss to compliment the overall sun kissed look, but if it’s the neutral eye look and your prom dress is bright then go for it and liven up your makeup wearing a lipstick in shades of orange, coral or bright fuchsia with a splash of lip gloss for added moisture and shine


Vintage dresses this year seem to be dominating the prom shows If vintage is the way you want to go remember the vintage makeup look was inspired by the neutral eyes and red lips, which were worn by many of Hollywood’s earliest starlets as Greta Garbo, Vivien Leigh, Judy Garland, and Marilyn Monroe.Tips for vintage makeup: Use a slightly darker warmish foundation than your natural skin tone, and a powder a shade lighter than your exact skin colour gives that 40’s flawless makeup look. For the cheeks popular rouge colours were red with pinkish undertones, bright pinks with fuchsia and rose undertones.

Eye shadows muted greys and browns, dark brown or black mascara and a small line of eyeliner on the upper eyelid. Lips should look full plump and soft, the top lip always exaggerated and extremely kissable.


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