Why every bride should have her bridal makeup airbrushed on her wedding day.

primary-mediumEvery bride should have her makeup airbrushed on her wedding day. Having your makeup airbrushed is a thoroughly relaxing experience and it may well help calm any last minute nerves. This is exactly the kind of pampering you need before you pop on your wedding dress….

After months of planning your wedding, your wedding day is the time to indulge yourself. Let the professionals come to you and help you to look your best. Have your nails manicured, your hair done and treat yourself to an airbrushed bridal makeup. When you have you makeup airbrushed you will feel confident knowing you will look fabulous long after the last wedding guest has gone. why stress over how your makeup will look when there’s no need to?

What makes airbrushing so special is that when your makeup is airbrushed refined microscopic droplets of foundation are carefully blown across your face through an air delivery system. As the makeup fuses with the air it oxidizes into a high opacity and the result is the minimum of makeup and a perfect complexion, especially when using a silicone makeup which always produces a stunning natural finish, that feels so light its hard to believe your wearing any makeup at all.

Another great thing about airbrushed makeup is that it’s smudge proof so it won’t rub off onto your wedding dress, and if you have a tearful moment you know your makeup will not run and there’s no need for touch ups.

Karen offers a full bridal makeup and bridal hair service in her studio ‘The Makeup Box Studio’ in Balcombe, West Sussex .

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