Valentine’s Day Makeup Tips and Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day 2014

‘Valentine’s Day’ makeup calls for a romantic look regardless whether it’s that special first date or you have been together for years. This is the night for a little romance. The ideal setting, a candlelit dinner for two.

This is your night to shine. Here are a few little secrets how to pull off the latest makeup trends to get that fabulous, romantic look to knock your man off his feet

When choosing what to wear a cocktail dress and high heels is always a winner.

Your hair is the next think to consider. How you wear your hair is important, be adventurous and try something a little bit different to your normal everyday hair- style. If your hair normally straight, add a few curls and if it’s curly why not straighten it. Before styling after you have washed your hair use a good conditioner and add a drop or two of scented oil, this will give your hair extra shine along with a sensual aroma, perfect when it come to that magical goodnight kiss.

Remember to apply primer before concealer and foundation, as this will ensure your makeup will look fabulous all evening.If you have a pale complexion ‘Violet Rimmed Eyes’ for that bright-eyed look, apply shadow below the lower lashes and carefully smudge to the outer corner. Looks great with any soft pastel eye shadow and plenty of mascara. For the cheeks try layering two blushers for a rosy flush, apply the darker shade on the apple of the cheeks and then add a dusting of light shimmer on top. Finish with a soft pink or peach lipstick. Valentines Makeup Heart

If you have olive skin you can wear plenty of colour on your cheeks and lips. Try bright, warm blushes and lipsticks in coral, apricot and brownish rose. For the eyes, opt for a shimmer shadow sapphire blue, plums, bronze, chocolate brown, tawny pink, deep green and shades of gold look wonderful a darker skin tone and brown eyes. Lips always look dazzling in bronze, berry shimmer or blood red lipstick

For ladies fortunate enough to still sport a rich golden tan the barely there look is well in trend, however of you want to be adventurous go bold with your makeup style. Smokey eyes are always seductively, sexy and can be applied using any combination of eye shadow and eyeliner colours. To complete this sassy look a good alternative to the traditional blood red lipstick is to go for a vibrant purple tinged crimson.

My Top Three Valentine Makeup Gift Ideas

Benefits – Beauty in a Box

Benefit-Image-240px This magic box of makeup tricks comes with a great set of instructions that are simple to use and easy to follow. Fabulous set of colours that are suitable for every skin type. Great price £25.

Bare Minerals – Obsessed with Pink

Bare-Mineral-Image-240px How could your lady not be? From petal to rose to plum, shades of pink boost and brighten every complexion. With ultra-flattering pink pigments for the eyes, vibrantly pink blusher cheeks and a glossy pink lip- gloss and seductive eyeliner… this could be the start of a beautiful obsession £36.

NARS – Deluxe Guy Bourdin Set – Exclusively from Selfridges

Guy-Bourdin-240px Hearts are signatures of Guy Bourdin’s suspenseful, seductive images. François Nars takes inspiration from one of Bourdin’s signature themes with this ivory Italian leather pouch, embellished with the symbol in hues of jet-black and crimson. This exclusive leather pouch comes with a full-size lip-gloss and two deluxe samples: £75.



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