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Hairstyles and Makeup for Girls and Guys – Prom 2014

Get ready for the 2014 prom season, there are many different looks to follow and we’ve got a few Prom tips for not just for the girls but also for you chaps as well…

Today’s prom is all about being creative, unique and a little bit different.

For your hair and makeup look towards celebrities as well as the runway to find out the latest styles, even a quick click onto You Tube will give you plenty of ideas on which to base you own unique look.

When it comes to your prom dress, hair and makeup try something different that many of your classmates haven’t seen before. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your element and experiment with a new look.

If you’re going to the prom as a couple the 50’s style is a fabulous look to pair up with…Fabulous dresses to show off the waists and 50’s style makeup that suits every face…This is a great look ladies as the latest hair trends this season include retro inspired styles hair knots, braided up-dos, ponytails, and half up half down looks perfect for your prom night.

For the boys the 50’s style definitely lends its self to a Elvis hair cut… And your attire for your prom night is all about Zoot suits or pegged pants with pink darts, Teddy Boy Style…

A popular makeup look this year for the girls points to bold coloured lips, dramatic long lashes, winged black eyeliner, smoky eyes, and vibrant eyeshadow colours. When going for a strong makeup look its always a good idea to keep your prom dress as simple as possible.Guys who are single or just do not want to match their date, wear either a classic black tux or even one in navy blue. Do not be afraid to use bright accessories, such as ties, handkerchiefs, or cuff links – these can show off your personal style and make you stand out at the dance. If you are renting a tux, make sure the tux is tailored to fit you, tailored to your body so you will look taller, and leaner. The ‘Rino Horn’ hairstyle is also popular this year. If prom night inspires you to try something completely different with your hair and to experiment with gels.

It’s a good idea to your have your hair styled at least a week before the event so you have plenty of time to practice styling your hair before your night out…

When you look good you feel good. Confidence is the ultimate accessory for girls and guys at any even. Simply, have fun and enjoy yourself at the 2014 Prom.

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