Getting Married 20’s Style

Roaring 20's themed wedding

A Roaring 20’s theme can add fun and uniqueness to any wedding, and will definitely make it memorable.

Roaring 20’s Themed Wedding In the 1920s, a new woman was born. She smoked, drank, danced, and voted. She cut her hair, wore make-up, and went to petting parties. She was giddy and took risks.


The 1920’s were time of celebration. It was an era about Jazz, dancing, fine clothing, and entertaining. A Roaring 20’s theme can add fun and uniqueness to any wedding, and will definitely make it memorable.
The Wedding Dress
The bride’s apparel should be elegant. Knee length, dropped waist, chiffon and/or silk dresses, long beaded necklaces, and red lipstick. Cloches were popular, bands of silk flowers worn low on the head, and Juliet style caps. Fragrant orchids and lilies were a favourite. Brides of the 1920s favoured large elaborate bouquets, filled with white flowers such as orchids, and masses of trailing greens and ribbons.

The bridesmaids could wear flapper dresses with feathers and fringe, seamed stockings, and cross-strap Mary Jane shoes. Although the style was risqué for the time, it was also very glamorous.

Don’t forget the men of the 1920’s were just as elegant and stylish in tuxedos, spats, and top hats. Zoot suits with bold wide ties, polished wingtip shoes, and slicked back hair. Fedoras and pin striped suits. Men in the 20’s were rough, sleek, and romantic, your husband can have just as much fun dressing for you themed wedding.

You can start by transforming your wedding party into a dark jazzy nightclub and hire a Jazz band. Serve authentic 1920s cocktails. The twenties were the era of prohibition. That didn’t mean that people didn’t drink, however. On the contrary, the 1920s were known as the original decade of excess. Bathtub gin and underground distilleries supplied people with rough and ready liquor, which were made into elaborate cocktails, in order to hide the alcohol’s abrasiveness and impurities. Another great idea for your 1920’s themed wedding is to get your guests dancing by encouraging period dancing at your wedding. This was the main attraction for many of the parties of the actual decade itself. It is said that young men and women would Charleston until their feet and shins were bloody from the swinging and kicking.For more information about our wedding hair and bridal makeup service or to book your wedding day makeup and hair- Call Karen at the Makeup Box Studio 07810 848208

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