Kids Face Painting

Kids Face Painting

Face painting is popular with kids all year round and we thought with Easter around the corner what better way to entertain your children this holiday than a spot of face painting.

You can normally find everything that you need in your local arts and crafts store. Make sure that you always use non- toxic paints for face painting. Check the label.

Next on your list is a small pack of makeup sponges and soft bristled art brushes, small plastic bowl to rinse your sponges, plastic cups to mix your face paint colours and your ready to go.

If your face painting several children at the same time, do yourself a favour and stick to no more than half a dozen face designs. Keep it simple.

Before you begin make sure that the child does not have any known allergies to products. Always wise to do a small patch test on the arm before you begin. And as hard as it is for a small child to keep their eyes closed do insist they do whilst you are painting around the eye area. Pin the hair away from the face to avoid painting it. Small children always fidget so popping them onto a dining room chair with a towel around their shoulders helps to keep them still and not wriggle about too much.


I always begin by sponging in the background colours of the design. Allow the paint to dry before applying your next face paint colour. Using a fine tipped paint brush outline the shapes that you want to create on the face, ie, butterfly wings or spiders webs. Then fill in your shapes with colour. I personally avoid using glitters on small children as glitters can cause skin reactions on such sensitive skin.Happy Easter and Happy Face Painting

If you’d like to book a professional children’s face painting expert for a child’s birthday party please contact.
Pictures courtesy of Smiley Face Painting – contact Claire: 01233 731131
Mobile: 07988 913886

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