Women Back to Work

Women Back to Work

Returning to work as a mum can be overwhelming and scary. Before you know it your confidence has withered away and suddenly you’re catapulted back into the working world.

For me, as a professional makeup artist, the thing I love most is that I help women to feel better about themselves. I truly believe that when you look good you feel good and it has a tremendous impact on a woman’s self confidence and esteem. I think a lot of women who have children do let themselves go, simply because they just think they don’t have the time to do the whole hair/makeup thing anymore. However a little makes a lot of difference and as you go back to work, a professional, groomed appearance will truly make all the difference as you how you feel about yourself and your capabilities.

I’m going to give you a few tips to make it practical and easy. Starting with skincare.

Begin a simple daily regime, however the trick is to fit it around the children. If they are in the bath do your skincare in the bathroom so you can still keep an eye on them. Forget the idea of a twice weekly (even once would be a miracle!) pampering bath, it’s just not going to happen.

Instead put a mask on twice a week whilst you’re cooking their dinner or again whilst they are in the bath. Your makeup is only as good as your skin so this part is really important.

Invest in a really good foundation. For those of you that are not keen on foundation a good tinted moisturiser is a great alternative. Your lipstick should be in keeping with your outfit and do get into the habit of keeping one at work as well as home so you can always slick on a coat of gloss before a client or meeting.

Keep only the makeup that you need to wear for work in a separate makeup bag and by the mirror so it’s all ready for you to apply without any hassle and therefore not taking long at all before you have to dash out the door. A quick spritz of ‘Mac Fix +’ spray will ensure it stays on for most of the day and some ‘Mac Blott Powder is great for keeping the shine at bay so do keep that in your handbag. But most importantly a good under eye concealer!! ‘Garnier’ roll on concealer, is fantastic as it also contains caffeine for a pick-me-up for the eyes or ‘Touche Eclait’ to hide those infamous dark circles! Simplicity is the key for any working mum and once you start you won’t look back but it will make all the difference as to how you feel about yourself once again.

 MAC Blot Powder Garnier MAC Fix


Article Written by Paula Rixon


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