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Tick Tock Makeup


Tiffany Mertz is the President of Tick:Tock Cosmetics, a vegan & cruelty-free cosmetic company located in Terre Haute, IN, USA.

Tick Tock offers a wide variety of eye shadows, as well as a product that is unique to our company, our Infinity Eye Shadow Base. Infinity comes in 3 shades currently, (Milky Way, Black Hole, and the new Super Nova) and is used to before applying your eye shadow to increase the color payoff and longevity of the product.

If you have a tendency to get creasing with your eye shadow and base, you would most likely benefit from our Prime of the Times 3-in-1 Primer!

It can be used on the eyes to help with creasing, on the lips to help lips feel softer and hold color better, and all over the face before foundation to help it adhere to the skin and look flawless!We also offer our Face Time Finishing Powder to compliment all skin tones, and lip glosses in many shades to suit lots of different styles!

Our company is comprised of only two women; myself and my business partner, Elizabeth Christjansen. We’ve been friends since we met in 2007 working at a Walgreens together and the rest is history. Elizabeth is also our in house photographer and takes all of our main promotional photos and all product photos.

Our facebook is here: www.facebook.com/ticktock.cosmetics
Our official website is here: www.ticktockcosmetics.com
Our official twitter is here: www.twitter.com/ticktockcos

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