The Secret of 'Beautyblender'

The Secret of 'Beautyblender'

I first saw this product about six years ago and loved it then as much I do now… so it comes as no surprise ‘Beautyblender’, is now a multiple award winning genius cosmetic applicator that has taken the beauty, professional and retail markets by storm in the US and around the world!

This award-winning, hot pink egg shaped sponge gives amazing coverage and outstanding blending capabilities with its easy-to-use shape and suede-like texture. Use the wide end to blot on makeup and blend effortlessly and the pointed end for hard-to-reach spots or delicate areas around the eyes. There's no foundation line or eye-shadow crease that can hide from the ‘Beautyblender’ sponge's super-blending powers. Designed to give a flawless look this is a makeup sponge designed to create absolute complexion perfection.

Caring for your special sponge

Hygiene is a must when it comes to keeping your skin fresh and healthy. Oil and dirt from your face will stay on your applicators if you don’t take a moment to properly clean them. ‘Blendercleanser‘ is a lightly lavender-scented cleanser that’s free of dyes and skin irritants. It’s soothing soy-based, low-suds formula breaks down rapidly, making it earth-friendly and fun to use. The blender cleanser is easy to use apply a pea-sized amount of ‘Blendercleanser’ to soiled areas of ‘Beautyblender.’ Work into a lather, rinse, and repeat if necessary. Squeeze to remove excess water. Set ‘Beautyblender’ on insert pedestal to dry.

Beauty Blender Sponge classicBuy online from…

Beautyblender £14.50

Cultbeauty £14.50

Sephora $19.95

Camera Ready Cosmetics $19.95

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