The Makeup Looks for this Winter

The Makeup Looks for this Winter

Stay up to date with the latest makeup fashions. This autumn’s catwalks pave the way for this winter’s makeup looks. The emphasis is on the eyes and the lips.

Classic red lips are in and if you’ve never been bold enough to wear it, now is the time to try this wonderfully vibrant colour.

A simple trick for really stunning lips is to apply a rich, dark red wine lipstick and then to add a dash of a vibrant blood red lipstick on the inner lip to give your lips that full, voluptuous pouting look, ideal if you want to look hot for a special dinner date or to draw attention to yourself at this years Christmas party.

Smokey eyes always look fabulous and never go out of fashion, this season instead of wearing the traditional greys and browns try some of the rich pigmented metallic pastels, shimmering shades of gold, sparkling silvers and blended bronzers, the vibrant shades of eye colour are very much in trend.

The secret to the perfect smokey eye look all lies in the blending so it’s important to make sure that the eye-shadow colours are blended together seamlessly, making sure one colour subtly blends into the next. The next tip is to pair the light colour to use on the inner eyelid with a rich dark colour for the outer eyelid. The popular mix this year is a soft gold inner eye with a dark purple hue on the outer lid finished using a soft champagne eyeshadow to highlight beneath the brow bone.

Cat’s eyes also feature high on list for eye makeup this winter; with a little practice cat’s eyes are easy. From the inner corner of the eye apply a black pencil liner close along the lash line to the outer eye, usually three coats will do the trick, repeat the same process below the lower lashes. Make sure the eyeliner on the outer upper and lower eye -lid touch at the corner.

To get that perfect cats eye flick, use liquid eyeliner to extend the line in a curved upward flick. Apply a soft pastel eyeshadow to compliment this look, making sure you choose a colour to match your skin tone. Finish with a pair of thick false eyelashes these will always add that special finesse and finish to your sexy, sultry cats eyes.

Karen Loraine

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