Ten Image Professional… Secrets of a Good Makeup

Ten Image Professional… Secrets of a Good Makeup

How to achieve a perfect makeup using Ten Image Professional Makeup.

Prepare the Face

Before you begin your makeup your skin should be clean and hydrated.

One of the most important points for a good make-up is the appearance of your skin.

We recommend our ‘Perfect Skin Serum’ :: £35.00

A cream-gel made of silicon combined with vitamin E, which has antioxidant and anti-age effects, jojoba oil nourishes and regenerates. Also corrects imperfections by the dispersion and reflection of light, minimizes the size of pores and contributes to the skin with a silky touch.

Application: Use a small amount ( size of a small pea)  of the skin serum on the skin and apply using a brush or fingertips.

Ten Image Lighting Up Concealer :: £18.00The first step for good finished make-up look is to hide imperfections, use your concealer to hide any blemishes or unwanted before applying your foundation.Ten Image Moose Foundation  :: £30.00

Choose your foundation make-up and match the colour using the nape of your neck or behind your ear to your skin tone.

Ten image Translucent Powder :: £25.00Fix your make-up base with powder. The soft textured powder provides an exquisite finish, so that your finished makeup will last and look good without an unflattering shine. We have a selection of different types of powders to perfect the tone of the make-up base. Includes a black powder puff.Ten Image Bronzing Pearls :: £20.00

For a healthy glow the Bronzing Pearls give you that fabulous sun kissed look.

Whilst of you want to have that English rose finish try a soft pink blusher.

On our model we used  'Satin Rose Blusher :: £21.00

Striking Eyes – Ten Image Eye Shadow Powders :: £16.00‘Ten Image Professional’ provide an extensive array of eye shadows to suit every occasion, taste and makeup style.Eye shadow should be worn so that the darker shade is applied on the outer part of the eye and the lighter eye colour applied on the inner corner of the eye lid. Its fun to experiment with ultra-bright powder shadows combined with a matt eye shadow. For a more intense eye colour apply with a moistened brush.On our model we used these ‘Eye Shadow Powders’

Glacier White, Rose Bright, Cold Black, Medium Grey, Antique Gold.

Eyeliners and Mascara

To add detail to your eyes and bring out the look use eyeliner pencils and eye liner. Use an eyebrow liner to create well-defined eyebrows to frame your eyes.

Ten Image Liquid Black Eyeliner  :: £12.00

These creamy eyeliners give a smooth and sure line without staining offering a result that is intense and spectacular.

Ten image Mascara Seduction XL :: £18.00

Seduction XL Mascara gives definition to the eyes in every makeup look. Apply mascara from the root to the tips of the lashes.

Lasting Lipsticks :: £17.00Ten Image lipstick feels so good. Looks fabulous, the lipsticks provide hydration and lasting effect without sacrificing the quality of colour the gloss opaque finish.On our model we used the Lipstick “Matt Pink Luxury 8 hour Lipstick.

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