Spring 2011 Makeup Trends


Spring 2011 Makeup Trends

Makeup trends change just as often as fashion trends change for every new season on the catwalk.

Hair and makeup along with an array of fashionable accessories can make or break the overall look. The makeup we wear and styles we follow are always enhanced by our own uniqueness. We can have as much fun changing the way our makeup looks as we do updating the clothes in our wardrobes to match each season.

Spring is a great time to sort through our makeup bags, and is as theraputic as sorting through your worn clothes. Out with the old and in with the new. Lipsticks, foundations, eyeliners and mascaras all have a shelf life, wet makeup products should always be renewed before they become this year’s holiday destination for bacteria.

With another weary winter behind us, and the promise of summer on the horizon, ladies it time to spring into action and to look good. Personally I always begin at the newsagents, with a respectable pile of the latest magazines under one’s arm, to head home and indulge yourself in several hours perusing the latest celebrity makeovers, who’s wearing what, checking out the latest makeup products and who’s promoting which makeup to create the coming season’s predicted makeup looks.

My research tells me that this summer it’s definitely a flawless foundation finish, for both day and night makeup.

For the day makeup, a flawless foundation is complemented with soft, natural earthy eye shadow tones eyes, dressed up with hot, vibrant lipstick colours, everything in shades of red, bright orange and anything from baby pink to fuchsia is in.

And we see once again those sultry, sexy eyes not going away at time soon, with ‘Giorgio Armani’ those smokey eyes are here to stay.

Whilst for the night owls amongst us a flawless foundation finish wins again. Being complemented with eye makeup and eye shadow, which is oh so bold. No need to be bashful here, it’s a strong eyebrow, your favourite bright coloured eye shadow, a thick black eyeliner along your upper lash line and black mascara.

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