NARS 2011 Makeup Collection

NARS 2011 Makeup Collection

NARS 2011 Makeup Collection just keeps getting better; lets have a peek and see what’s on offer in this fabulous makeup range. Which we all love at



Makeup for Everyday and evening looks. Our Top Three Choices:




  One of Japan’s most southern clusters of islands characterized by over 150 islands. The area boasts pleasant weather and good fortune. The first eye shadow trio for the brand is a striking triad of silver, deep cobalt blue and black onyx. Like its namesake area, the three hues are exotic on their own or work together in perfect harmony to create an essence of drama worked on lid, crease, and brow bone.



  NARS Cosmetics palette for boasting new packaging with a compact in a NARS-logo zippered case. Enclosed in a black carton, NARS continues to surprise and experiment with iconic casing by bringing the logo from traditionally black and white to vibrantly bold color.

The palette includes two signature NARS cheek products chosen to complement the eyes, whether deep and sultry, or light and fresh.

Complete with a range of shades to be worn together or alone, the glamorous combinations are limitless.

Left Row (top to bottom):
• Hungry Heart Blush – Iridescent gold Ivory
• Orgasm Blush – Peachy pink with shimmer

Right Row (top to bottom):
• Alambra Eye shadow – Metallic Rose Mist
• Mekong Eye shadow – Espresso infused with gold
• Eurydice Eye shadow – Electric Aubergine
• Pandora Eye shadow – Matte Black




A perfect amalgamation of delicate shadows, shimmering accents, and deep colors is brought to life in this breath taking eye palette. Sweep your lids with the earthy neutrals and floral hues of this enchanting collection.

Dust the lavender and shimmering rose shades to brighten the eye, and layer with a delicate pearl sheen for ultra femininity. Build color for a more dramatic effect with the attention grabbing indigo or invoke a sultrier persona with the velvety cocoa or shimmering sooty dark brown.

Top row:
• Nepal – Rose with Shimmer
• Violetta – Smoky Lavender
• Demon Lover – Deep Indigo

Bottom Row:
• Fez – Velvety Cocoa
• Abyssinia – Delicate Pearl Sheen
• Cordura – Shimmering Sooty Dark Brown

NARS Makeup Especially for Fabulous Brides



  The first ever NARS Bridal Palette offers a blissful union of eye, lip, and cheek color for the today’s bride or any modern woman. The Bridal Palette is comprised of nine NARS favorites, giving every woman the ability to achieve a wide variety of looks ranging from natural to classic to all out glamour.

The NARS Bridal Palette includes four shades of eye shadows, three shades of lipstick, two shades of blush, and one shade of lip lacquer- perfect for any of skin tone.

• Nepal – Rose with shimmer
• Ondine – Plum with gold shimmer
• Edie – Cream with shimmer
• Night Fever – Black with red pearls

• Albatross – Highlighting blush
• Orgasm – Peachy pink with shimmer

• Mitzy – Strawberry pink with shimmer
• Baby Doll – Sheer cotton candy with pearlized finish
• Sexual Healing – Shimmering pink blossom
• Roman Holiday – Delicate pastel pink

NARS for Valentines Day



In honor of its anniversary, NARS introduces two palettes to celebrate 15 years of color innovation: Everlasting Love and Wild at Heart.Everlasting Love contains intense eye hues to create the perfect smoky eye

For the first time in NARS history, the logo’s usual black-and-white packaging goes festive with red to evoke a feeling of epic chic and is accompanied by the number 15 commemorating the anniversary.

Encased in the NARS signature soft touch compact, featuring an oversized mirror for convenient, mobile application, the palette includes Orgasm Blush and South Beach Multiple for a hint of color that will complement any skin tone.

• Chelsea Girls (top left) – Innocent nude beige with a crème finish
• Dolce Vita (top right) – Sheer dusty rose
• Belle de Jour (bottom left) – Sheer beige
• Promiscuous (bottom right) – Shimmering honey beige

• Underworld I (top left) – Silver blue
• Night Breed (top right) – Black with silver glitter
• Edie (bottom left) – Cream with shimmer
• Underworld II (bottom right) – Slate blue


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