Makeup Tricks to Look Younger

Makeup Tricks to Look Younger

How to Look Younger with Makeup…

As we reach our mid life years unfortunately our skin begins to show those tell, tell signs. Our eyelids begin to crease; dark shadows and circles beneath the eyes begin to become more visible, and an increasing smattering of unwanted small fine lines fill the face.

The battle against ageing is about to begin.

We smoother our faces with an array of expensive stay younger creams and more often than not the natural response is to ply our faces with way to much concealer and/or foundation on these offending areas…. The result is a painfully obvious thick layer of makeup, which does little other than to emphasise the problem rather than to hide it.

Ladies and gentlemen the secret to a great makeup is less than more…

My first tip is always skin care, it’s important to keep the skin well nourished. Many of us are on budgets these days so I can recommend a fabulous cream, which I religiously put on my face and neck each night. Inexpensive yet effective body butter, coconut and shea butter, or else the olive butter formula, both of which can be purchased in any chemist, supermarket or ‘The Body Shop.’

The Secret Art of Concealing… the most important step of your makeup.

Begin by treating yourself to new cream concealer. Match the concealer to the exact colour of your skin tone. The best way to do this is to test the concealer on your temple to get the best match.

When concealing you should use no more concealer than a quarter of a small petit pois pea on your entire face, with plenty to spare…Never conceal using your fingers! Always apply the concealer with a fine tipped brush, blending the product with a second flat edged brush. Imagine you wanted to draw a fine line with the fine tipped brush and you’ve probably got the right amount of product on your brush tip.

Your body’s natural body temperature will warm the concealer and brushed lightly the product will blend evenly onto the skin.

Begin with the dark shadows in the inner corner of your eye next to the bridge of your nose. By removing this dark area it will lighten the eye area and therefore not cast a shadow below your eyes.Next apply a touch of concealer beneath the lower eyelash to remove any redness below the lash line, before removing any redness or shadows on the outer edge of the eyelid.

Now you can focus on any shadows or lines beneath the eyes. The important tip here is to remember makeup is all about fine layers, so be careful to avoid being to heavy handed and find yourself with the fateful clown eyes.

Having concealed your eyes perfectly continue the process by applying a fine line of concealer from the bottom of your nose down through to the smile line on the outer upper lip. Finish concealing removing any unwanted spots or blemishes and your ready to for your foundation.

I recommend using a light liquid silicone based foundation, as this feels light on the skin and allows the pores of the skin to breath. Remember as with the concealer use the temple for the perfect match!

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