Makeup for Men – It’s Makeup UK

Makeup for Men – It’s Makeup UK

Makeup for Men – It’s Makeup UK

Back up caution and hello vanity! There’s a new breed of man soon to be stepping out onto the street. Men whom look extraordinary, feel great and who certainly don’t settle for second place in the race to becoming ultimate seducers.

But, it’s not just the latest L’Oreal moisturiser or £50 protein shake bringing these men up to scratch. It’s something new, fresh and very much in demand; makeup for men.

No longer will the use of guyliner, manscara or disguys (concealer for men) leave you on trial for cosmetic treason. In fact, quite the opposite. These products are getting more and more air time during man time and men's frowns are transforming into looks of intrigue and intent after seeing the benefits that products such as these can have on their appearance.

You may not have the moves like Jagger, but a specific selection of men's makeup can certainly guarantee you the looks.

The growing popularity of eye makeup products for men is emphasised by the arrival of some of the above male specific products onto the male cosmetic market.

There’s also another side to the story of makeup for men. The slick gentleman; the subtle guy who wants to stand out in a completely different way. These aren’t the men whom attend gigs and are desperate to cling onto their teenage ‘grunge’ looks with the use of makeup.

These guys are filling up offices, bars and swanky clubs and are meeting the growing demand society places on them to look their best, day in day out. These ‘new men’ use men's foundation, concealer and bronzer amongst others to achieve subtle, flawless and masculine complexions without eye brows being raised. Quite frankly gentlemen, male products like these are your ‘get out of jail free’ cards. A little touch up goes a long way when it comes to enthralling and intensifying your natural attraction. More and more men every day are turning to makeup for men to do just that and are certainly not looking back.

The growing availability of makeup products available on websites such as are a man's ‘one way ticket to perfection’. Companies such as these are simply providing more and more men with the map to a new stratosphere of manhood, masculinity and machismo.

From gym memberships, hair cuts and new clothes, the number of men paying closer attention to their appearance is gathering momentum. Male grooming spending crossed the £1billion mark in 2010. The fact is that makeup for men is just the next step for your every day fella and his grooming routines.

Are you, or is somebody you know ready for such a step? From ape to gentlemen, boy to man, the world of male grooming suddenly just got a little bit more appealing…. Makeup for men, a captivating and unparalleled social phenomenon, coming soon to a bathroom near you.

Alexander Dalley Founder of Mens Makeup UK


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