Is Lipstick bad for your health?

Is Lipstick bad for your health?


Lead in Lipstick – Not with Arbonne

Most woman today use lipstick which contains lead. Have you ever stopped to consider that when you apply lipstick to your lips that both lipstick and the lead it contains are consumed. Not only is lead consumed into the stomach it is also absorbed through the lips into the blood stream. Countless people today knowingly use personal care products containing toxic ingredients such as lead. They are either being lead to believe that it won’t hurt them or they rationalize and say to themselves, “it doesn’t seem to be hurting me so I guess it’s okay to use”.

Unfortunately, too many people with this mindset are waking up one day to find a lump in their breast or some other serious symptom that suddenly appears, indicative of some life threatening disease.Lead is very toxic to the body. Even at low levels it has been linked to attention and learning problems, permanent brain damage, hyperactivity and aggression. Repeated daily exposure to lead builds up in the body over time. Unfortunately lead in lipstick is not the only cause for concern. Lead is also found in paint, toys and drinking water. People need to be aware that continual exposure to lead from multiple sources only increases the possibility of serious health consequences.

Lead is a great concern for pregnant woman. Over time it builds up in the bones. A pregnant woman’s body is continually breaking down calcium from the bones to supply to her baby. At the same time lead is being released into the blood stream causing higher levels of lead in the blood than in non-pregnant women. Studies show that lead is passed from mother to newborn baby and is affecting them long before they are born.

The ingredients in many makeup products need to be addressed. When you take medicine you can rest assured that your medication will have gone through years of rigorous tests before and be proven to be safe for human consumption before its is allowed to be used. Not so for many makeup products that are filled with many harmful ingredients.

In addition to lead, the cosmetic industry is known to use many other chemicals to produce lipstick. These ingredients include petroleum based products known to accelerate aging, promote cancer and unhealthy estrogen levels. Another commonly used chemical is butylated hydroxytoluene also linked to cancer. Ninety eight percent of all chemicals used in lipstick have not been tested for human safety.

There are many natural lipsticks available on the market today. Not only do woman look great wearing these lipsticks but they also benefit from their healthy ingredients. Look for lipsticks that contain ingredients such as shea butter and jojoba oil. At the local health store you will be able to find organic lipsticks with great colors that are made from natural mineral pigments.

One company, Arbonne International, has developed a line of lipsticks, which are second to none. Some of the key ingredients are wild mango butter, pomegranate extract and vitamins A,C and E. They are also gluten and nut free. The advanced botanically based moisturizing ingredients conditions and moisturizes lips and ensures that the lipstick lasts all day.The lipsticks contain a long list of ingredients. I decided to plug several of the ingredients into the skin deep cosmetics data base since they are the leading authority on safe cosmetics. Every ingredient that I tested turned out to be completely harmless. In fact, many of the ingredients are highly nutritious.

Customer reaction to Arbonne lipstick has been outstanding. When surveyed 90% of customers found Arbonne lipstick to be non-drying and 90% found the product to be creamy. Arbonne’s motto is that they will only manufacture products which are pure, safe and beneficial.

So when you choosing your next lipstick it might make sense to go organic.

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