Dare to Look Sexy for that First Special Date

Dare to Look Sexy for that First Special Date

The plan is you’re going to knock your new man dead when you walk in the room. Spring is here and the diet is well underway, those unwanted pounds have almost disappeared and as you look in the mirror there is a real sense of satisfaction as the many painful hours at gym have finally payed dividends.

Its time to take advantage of the recession and with so many sales its well worth paying a visit to Ann Summers or Agent Provocateur for some saucy after dinner underwear.

Perhaps even splash out on a manicure and have your hair done, look good, feel good.

Once you have chosen your outfit its time to think about your makeup. We have a few makeup tricks up our sleeve to help you out! From sexy seductress to soft and seductive.


There are several looks you can choose, sexy and seductress or you can go with the soft, romantic, feminine look. With both styles of makeup it’s important to begin with a clean face, cleansed and toned, having applied a light moisture cream gently patted onto the skin.

 Next is to hide unwanted shadows and lines with a concealer. Remember that concealer should always be a shade or two lighter then your foundation. Once applied if you look like a white eyed owl and it’s far too light you can always blend in a little foundation to darken the colour if needed.

The most important trick is to remember that a good makeup needs the minimum of makeup.

Apply foundation then with the light touch of a brush add a light translucent powder. If you like a heavier look you can always apply a bronzer.

If playing the sexy seductress go for a bold eye shadow and highlight to give depth. You could apply a pair of vivaciously thick, long false eyelashes. For the eyebrows use a fine eyebrow pencil to define shape.

If you want a sexy, smudged look, apply a small amount of eyeliner liquid beneath the eyelashes. Too much eyeliner can always be remedied with having a tub of cotton buds in your armoury at the ready. Through the years these little buds have become many a makeup artist’s best friend.

Contour the cheeks then add a hint of blush. Finish your makeup application by creating those perfect pouting lips. You’ll want to wear either a dark red or a deep berry lipstick followed with a rich, shiny lip-gloss just to add that little bit polish!


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If you fancy a new lipstick may I recommend:

Real Red               Dark Ruby             Neutral Mauve


Lip Lustre can be worn as a topcoat worn or on its own:

Seduce Me            Temptress            Coco Honey


For those wanting a romantic, soft feminine makeup you definitely want to use pale colours. The eyes can afford to be less dramatic than the sexy seductress look. Pastel blues, greens and apricots suit most skin tones. If you’re fortunate enough to have lovely, long eyelashes you can curl them with a pair of eyebrow curlers.

Use pale pinks and apricot blushers subtly applied to the apples of your cheeks. To find the right place by smiling (I always call this making happy cheeks when applying makeup on my clients) apply the blusher in an upwards and outward movement.

Sexy, pouting lips are a definite must with both makeup looks. The only difference is the colour. Go for a soft gentle pink, pinkie brown, coral pink, and frosted and shimmer lip colours.

Light Pastel Pink      Coral Pink        Bronzed Gold Shimmer


Lip Lustres I recommend:

Armour Rose                 Fresh                  Nude                  Crystal


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