Christmas Party Hair and Make up

Christmas Party Hair and Make up

Glitter! Dazzle the night away

This year it’s your turn to shine and look a million dollars at the Christmas party… the moment you walk in the room…

I always feel that a black dress albeit long or short is the way to go for every Christmas party… Black is flattering on every figure and lends its self to hair up or down and your makeup can be as sophisticated or as zany as you want.

Let’s begin with your hair up…. Ideal for shoulder or longer length hair… Back comb your hair and tie into a loose ponytail and if your hair is on the thin side buy a hair donut from any ‘Boots’ store. Donuts are easy to use, simply push your ponytail through the middle of the donut and tuck your hair around to give your Christmas bun that full look. If you’re fortunate and have thick hair wrap hair around your fingers into a topknot and pin into place…. Add a touch of sparkle by adding coloured pins, sparkle bands or even a sparkling tiara!

If you prefer to have your hair loose… try using curling tongs to create ringlets and soft curls, even a pair of crimpers can transform straight hair into something very different… Make sure to condition your hair and to use a good hair moisturiser when applying heat to your hair, as the last thing you want is frizz, dried up hair…

Moving on to makeup … the focus is on the eyes, lashes and of course the lips. Once you’ve concealed, applied your foundation, blush and contoured, this year eye makeup is all about being bold… so why not experiment and make every head turn when you walk on to dance floor.

Think of eye colour as an accessory. Once you’ve applied black eyeliner to the top and lower lid add a subtle touch of aqua green, marine blue or even a pale violet shimmer eye shadow on the lower inner corner of the eyelid this will give depth to the eyes. On the upper inner lid apply a superfine dusting and blend using a darker eye colour from the middle of the eyelid to the outer eye. To give the outer eye a definitive, strong line with no smudges, mask the outer eye to the outer eyebrow with (sellotape – bear spelling help) and remove tape once you’ve finished applying your eye shadow…

How to wear bright lipstick

First find the right colour lipstick to match your completion…. Fuchsia and deep red look good on every skin, whilst a dark olive completion is always complimented with a rich plum or deep brown and a fair completion is suited to lipstick shades with pink undertones and warm orange based pinks and brick red… A good tip to remember to stop lipstick bleeding onto the skin is to make sure that you have a good foundation coverage around your natural lip line, then use a thin lip brush to shape and outline your lips, a lip brush gives a softer more controllable line than a lip pencil, apply lipstick and add a small dab of lip gloss on the middle and upper lip this gives the lips shine and volume

Finish off with some sexy false lashes

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