Brave Kim shows off her new body confidence after

Brave Kim shows off her new body confidence after Meningitis

Recently I had the honour of photographing Kim Lo who told me her amazing story of how she managed to get herself back on her feet after being ravaged with meningitis despite losing 8 of her toes! What is truly incredible is that not only did she learn to walk again, but she got back in to her passion, running and has since run the London Marathon in under 3.5 hours (actual time 3.24.37)! I didn’t realise just how awful this disease is – I had no idea you could lose fingers and toes. According to The Meningitis Trust 1 in 10 people who contract bacterial meningitis will die… Kim was one of the lucky ones. Kim still bears the scars caused by the meningitis but bravely asked me to not airbrush the scars but to leave them just as they are in the photos. Following her boudoir photo shoot she no longer feels embarrassed about her body following her illness and now feels proud to be photographed in this way.

Many women say to me how they would love to have a boudoir shoot but they don’t feel ‘brave’ enough. Well ladies, I hope you feel inspired by Kim’s story. If you feel that you are not brave enough then I would say that you would especially benefit from finding a boudoir photo shoot a liberating, confidence-building experience. I tailor every individual shoot differently for every woman depending on their body shape, their personality, their likes and dislikes. I don’t believe in a cookie-cutter ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. I believe in creating an individual, flattering work of art that will blow you away – that you will treasure for years to come… after your body has changed naturally with age.Whether you want an artistic, tasteful nude or semi-nude style or sexy and sultry boudoir or a more playful, fun light-hearted style I work a boudoir shoot around YOU.



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