Autumn makeup 2011 – Treat yourself to a new look

Autumn makeup 2011 - Treat yourself to a new look

With the summer holidays behind you and the kids back to school indulge yourself with a little makeup pampering. Whether you’re going out with the girls for lunch, a romantic dinner with hubby or even going back to work… Ladies we all know that when you know ‘look you good, you feel good.’

This autumn makeup look is a natural complexion with the focus on bold eye colour. Shades of grey, purple, plums, blues, chocolate, rustic orange, metallic greens and taupe eye-shadows compliment the popular yet seemingly timeless smokey eye look, which this year remains in vogue. As for the lips, it’s the classic winter vibrant red to ‘barely there’ hydrating lip-glosses with every lip colour in between.

A Good Foundation Base

Begin with a cleansed, toned face and a light moisture cream gently patted onto the skin.

To hide unwanted shadows beneath the eyes or blemishes use a creamy concealer two shades lighter then your foundation. If your tanned and your concealor is too light, go to any makeup counter and ask for a foundation sample a shade darker than your foundation then blend it with your concealer.

To get that ‘not wearing any foundation look,’ use a silicone-based foundation, I call it the ‘IPod’ of makeup! Applied lightly with a soft foundation brush this foundation will look flawless and last long after the kids have gone to bed. For a natural cheek colour use a little pink or peach blush and if want the sun kissed look use a little bronzer on the cheeks, forehead and chin.

The Focus is on the Eyes for Autumn Makeup

If you’re fortunate enough to have lovely, long eyelashes you can curl them with a pair of eyebrow curlers, if not lash clumps and individual lash extensions are the way to go.Everyday, Soft Feminine Makeup… Strong eyebrows frame the face, dark eyeliner, brown and orange blended eye shadow, matching warm deep orange peach lipstick and sun-kissed bronzed cheeks.

Sophisticated Hollywood Style… Perfect eyebrows, soft orange brown eye colour, subtle brown eyeliner and mascara through to perfectly lightly pencilled dark, red lips.

Women in Business …. Flawless foundation with soft pink cheeks and lips., thick lashed, heavy grey pigment subtly highlighted give the eyes that intense wondrous look.

Night Out Makeup… Flawless, pale foundation, heavily penciled eyebrows, steel pewter smokey grey eyes with liquid eyeliner below the lashes, finished with subtle blend of grey eye shadow below the liner and striking peach lips. online makeup magazine, Autumn Makeup 2011

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