Airbase Airbrush Makeup

Airbase Airbrush Makeup

Airbase Makeup offers a flawless finish that allows the skin to breath: looks smooth and is long lasting.

Airbase high definition silicone based makeup has recently been launched in the UK and is regularly used in the unforgiving world of high definition TV and film as well as for bridal makeup within beauty salons and is now available for all our online shoppers to use at home.


Foundation £29.95

Blusher £29.95

Bronzer £29.95




Cleansing mitt £4.95

Primer £39.95

Cleaner £17.50


The Makeup with a Pedigree

The Airbase makeup selection was designed by Oscar Nominated makeup artist Anni Buchanan who combined the durability of film makeup with the practicability of everyday makeup. Now this product is enjoyed by makeup artists, salon owners, brides and everyday consumers who are left amazed at the results with this long-lasting makeup which requires no touch ups – whatever the weather conditions!

So Much More – Than Just a Makeup

Not only is this a makeup that works perfectly, it contains Vitamin A to improve elasticity of the skin and temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines and Vitamin E to moisturise and repair as an anti-oxidant, it acts as an agent to deactivate free radicals, terminating damaging chain reactions and protecting cells from free radical injury.

If you'd like to feel like a celebrity and to experience a professionally applied airbrush makeup please phone the Makeup Box Studio to book your appointment 01444 819391.

The luxury of a Professional Product for you to use at homeOnce you have tried Airbase Makeup products in the salon it’s understandable that you might want to this magic makeup everyday at home. In addition to an airbrush application these foundations, blushers and bronzer may be applied with our home mini compressor and airbrush kit.

If you prefer you can apply Airbase with a makeup sponge or foundation brush to enjoy the full benefits of a flawless finish and durable everyday makeup.

For Professional Supplies and for more information on our ‘Airbrush Makeup Classes’ held at the Makeup box Studio please phone 01444 819391.

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