Makeup Tips By Featured Makeup Artist Lucia Mameli MUAh

Makeup Tips By Featured Makeup Artist Lucia Mameli MUAhThe “Blue eye” trend we saw on the catwalks last season is a look that will be big over the Christmas and New Year festivities.

Various designers paraded their beauties on the ‘passerelle’ of Milan, Paris, London, showing off their swimming pool eyes.  These designers including Armani, Dior, Michael Kors, Anthony Vaccarello and many others.  Vaccarello and Kors displayed their love of blue in the form of a bright winged liner look.  This is definitely one of the biggest trends for the spring.

Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director at Estee Lauder said that one of the reasons for using so much blue eye Makeup was to match the makeup to the clothes, which this season are very fluid, with pleating and shapes that wrap around the body, a bit like water itself.  Blue, aqua and turquoise all interlocked themselves on the catwalk and inspired many people to follow this 70s revival.

This is one of my works, inspired by this trend.  Here I have splashed two different blue colours, a bright blue on the upper lid and a darker one on the lower eyeline.  I blended with a touch of black, then I added some metallic silver for the highlighting to give it a more strong modern and up to date look. A touch of blue mascara to finish off the makeup, which was then all matched to a deep blue shirt and a flowing water-like silver dress.

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Smokey Eye Tutorial

• Prime your eyelid with the foundation of your choice

• Powder lid thoroughly to make sure eyeshadow won’t crease and will last

• Apply a black highly pigmented eyeshadow on the upper eyelid, just up to the crease, using a brush and blend out smoothly, pulling the colour upwards and outwards

• Pull the colour under, on your lower eyeline, blending it all along the lower eyeline

• Use a taupe rosy colour and blend it on the black of the upper lid and above

• Go over the upper lid with a carbon black eyeshadow again to intensify

• Now blend only where the intense black meets the blended black above the crease

• Intensify the lower eyeline as well with the carbon black

• Highlight under your brow bone with a white, cream or silver white pigment/eyeshadow

• Add black Kajal inside the waterline, below and above

• Curve your eyelashes

• Add false eyelashes to complete the sophisticated look

• Blend false and natural eyelashes adding some mascara

• Fill in the eyebrows with an angled brush and dark eyeshadow (dark brown or black, depending on the complexion and the colour of the hair) or with an eye/eyebrow pencil.

• Make sure the pencil is not a very greasy one.  If you use black eyeshadow, run the brush on the back of your hand first, so that the colour is not too intense and harsh

• Add a little shimmer to the highest point of the eyebrows in the middle

• Give some contouring with an angled blush brush under the cheekbone.  Use a dark blush or eyeshadow, then blend it on top with a lighter blush, then blend this lighter blush with a shimmery eyeshadow.  This way you create a more 3 dimensional shape with the effect of light and dark

•  Complete the look with a natural lip pencil colour around the contour of the lips and a slightly lighter lipstick, that you will apply with a lip brush.  Blot the lips with a tissue, reapply some lipstick and blot very lightly again

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Article written by Makeup Artist Lucia Mameli

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