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So you are wondering if you should have a winter wedding? There are quite a few reasons to go for it!

Firstly, there is a much greater chance of the wedding being held at the venue of your choice during the winter months. Churches, halls and other places where weddings take place are regularly booked up for at least a year in advance during the summer months, but this is not always the case from October through to April.

Not only that, but because the wintertime is considered to be the “off season” for weddings, you are also likely to save some money compared to what you would spend on a summer wedding. Of course, you may find the special days in the winter, such as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve need to reserved well in advance, so if you want to get married on these days, there really is no time to waste.

Another great thing about winter weddings is the fact that more of your family and friends will be able to actually attend, as most people have less commitments during this time of the year. Summer vacations are over and it’s nice for everyone to have something to look forward to in the ensuing months.

However, if you decide to hold your wedding on, say, Christmas Day when there is likely to be a layer of crisp white snow on the ground, some serious thought has to be given to the guests who have to travel a distance to get to you, as far as the weather is concerned. It could work out to be quite costly for guests too as they have so many other expenses at this time of year. Nonetheless with a little forward thinking, these minor drawbacks can be overcome. After all, it’s your special day and you can have it when you want!

So where will your wedding be held? Do you go for an indoor or outdoor location? Although the wintry setting of an outdoor wedding is extremely romantic, in reality there is no way the weather can be predicted so most people would be cautious and choose indoors. Of course, if you have the option of selecting a venue such as a hotel with a room opening out onto landscaped gardens, you have the best of both worlds.

Next, it is time to decide on your wedding theme. Naturally, if you have chosen Christmas Day as the date, going for an elegant and stylish look with the top hat and tails for the men and stunning ball gown design dresses for the ladies will be just perfect. The venue can be adorned with all manner of Christmas decorations and what could look better than a huge and spectacularly dressed Christmas tree at your reception? Your wedding favors can be placed under the tree for the guests to choose their own memento of your happy occasion. You can even use seasonally scented candles on your reception tables for those who have not yet got into the Christmas mood.

However, if a Holiday Day is out of the question and you simply want to have your wedding during the winter months, why not go for a fairytale themed wedding with shades of blue as the main color scheme. Snowflakes can play a major part in your decor from the start with your invitations right through to your place name cards decorating the tables at your reception.

On a more romantic note, you may decide to get married on St Valentine’s Day. With a strikingly beautiful red hearts theme, the guests will have no doubt about the way you feel for each other and your wedding day will remain in their minds as the most tender event they have even attended.

Your wedding day is likely to be the most important day of your life, so if you want to have a special day with a difference, why not opt for a winter time wedding? You are sure to have a great day and your photos will remind you of how super and unique the occasion was for years to come.

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