Designer vs. High street makeup

Designer vs. High street makeupMakes like Christian Dior create BOLD make-up looks on the catwalks. Even if the way the make-up is done looks over the top on just a casual day or a night out – Would high-street make-up brands do the trick too?

It is a well-known fact that Dior is one of the best cosmetic brands in the world today; so surely it is worth the value. It epitomises a voguish demeanour in the beauty world – but do high-street makeup brands produce the same quality of makeup?

Let’s take a look at different foundations for the ‘ultimate coverage.’ Designer Giorgio Armani’s Lasting Silk UV foundation– priced at £34 – is a high resistance watery and fresh fluid. It provides a luminous semi-matte finish for a perfect colour match. This foundation is meant to last all day on a condition that you apply a layer of primer beforehand.

Amazing-Christmas-Face-Make-Up-Ideas-Looks-2013-2014-2Ladies; we want a foundation that does exactly this – a providence of a flawless look without caking up on the skin. A foundation should match the skin colour as most women struggle to find the right shade. If we look at high-street brand Rimmel London’s ‘lasting finish 25 hour foundation’ – priced at £6.99 – lasting 25 hours with – moisturising aqua primers for reenergising overworked skin – then we are stuck for choice.

Even though the both of them looks ideal for lasting coverage; which would you go for in terms of quality? Although there is a huge price difference between the two products; Giorgio Armani promises a glow, a lasting coverage and a compliment to the skin colour. Rimmel focuses less on skin colours and rather on a lasting product with natural minerals. We all have different skin types that go well with different types of foundations. They both work well on sensitive skin – as the Giorgio Armani’s foundation is watery and the Rimmel foundation containing lightweight minerals that help hydrate the skin.

Whatever is used; a type of foundation should suit your skin type. For oily skin – an oil-free foundation is ideal and for dry skin a moisturising foundation is ideal. Those with combination skin should preferably go for a cream-to powder base. The correct colour should disappear into your skin, whilst blending.

A yellow based foundation works well with all skin colours – rather than pink based. It helps to even out the skin complexion and neutralise overtones present on the skin that matches the skins undertone. It looks a lot more natural. Even if the skin is very fair or pale – yellow-based foundations look far better on the skin. Though, if you’re very fair, trying a pink, cooler shade can still advised. Giorgio Armani foundation collections are pink-free; as well as Bobbi Brown with foundation ranges from £26 – £36, and MAC from £20 – £30 – which are great for Asian complexions – as yellow-based foundations are perfect for their skin.

Most Rimmel foundations including the 25 hour lasting finish; tend to have a pink- base although it opts to last around the promised amount. Limited shades are available and only a few have yellow-based foundations – i.e. – the darkest shade available.

The Giorgio Armani foundation forms the basis of different skin types that work well with an entire look. It provides a better quality than cheaper foundations like Rimmel – which even looks qualitative on the skin.

So, spending over £20 on a foundation seems to be absolutely worth it. Spending the most on foundation to put in your make-up bag is probably the best bet – as spending a lot less on other make-up products such as eye pencils do not matter as such.

Other make-up products


Rimmel eye pencils and liquid eye liners; however; are still used by many make-up artists – which do not equate value; even if they are under £20. Their mascaras – as well as their lipsticks and blush – are still favoured over designer makeup – and conveniently found in most drug stores. Cheap mascara is best as this type of product needs to be changed every two to three months for hygiene reasons. You can get away with cheaper eye shadow providing you use a foundation or base on your eyelids before applying. Give over more of your beauty funds to a more expensive foundation.

Keep in mind that cheaper makeup is liable to redness and irritation on the skin – while buying a more expensive brand is no assurance that a reaction won’t be caused. Though, more expensive makeup habitually has moderate return policies, so you won’t be wedged with a product that will be of no use.

makeup productsCheap makeup typically lasts a short time. More expensive makeup offer long-wearing formulations. Busy women with busy lifestyles who don’t have time to touch up on their makeup should plump for a more expensive makeup brand – that won’t fade away as the day goes.
The more expensive makeup is often accessible to try on free at shop makeup counters like Dior or Bobbi Brown. Cheaper makeup costs a smaller amount, but – there’s no way for customers to try-out what shades will work best on themselves. In the end, you may compel to spending more money trying to find accurate shades than if you had a consultant to help you pick at a shop makeup counter. So, within the makeup shopping experience – I can expose the value of a more expensive foundation and a matching concealer. You can save money by purchasing makeup from a neighbouring drugstore and still get a high-street branded makeup product that is more than decent!

After asking advice from a Makeup Artist who has worked at pageants such as Miss England; Priya Gohil (28) says: ‘Investing in a quality foundation hugs your features naturally. It balances out the skin tone and gives off a flawless finish. It’s a definite must to spend that extra bit more on something that compliments you. The rest of the makeup applied actually makes your face look ten times more fresh and vibrant.’

Article written by Jessal Bhundia

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