Halloween Makeup and Costumes and for Kids

Halloween Makeup and Costumes and for KidsWhat ever your child’s age it can often takes hours to decide on that one timeless Halloween costume, every thing from scary one eyed monsters, witches, black cats, zombies, fairies, butterflies etc… etc… A point to remember is that it’s very important that you have your child’s full approval of their Halloween character before investing in costumes and makeup. The more involved your child is in the preparation the less chance of drama on the night, especially if your creation does not meet his or her expectations of how they look. From my experience children from an early age have very definite ideas as to what they want. A good idea is to get a piece of paper and together draw the proposed Halloween character or to find pictures online so you both see the end result…  At any stage during the process should your patience be pushed to its limits, remember when you eventually look at the photographs of your smiling Halloween prodigy, this night will become a precious memory that lasts a lifetime.

Handy Makeup Tips For Halloween

1) Always begin with a clean face.
2) Use black, brown or a white eyeliner to outline the design on your child’s face. Simple designs like lightning bolts, skulls, a bat, cat, sun or moon, etc. are popular and simple to do.
3) Once you have outlined the design, colour in the outline.
4) A simple design with makeup for instance is a china doll, which only requires a little pale foundation and bright red lipstick for the cheeks and lips, with a few brown freckles made with the tip of a soft brown eyeliner pencil. For a Halloween makeup that requires several bright colours such as: clowns, dogs to green witches ‘Snazaroo’ face paints are great, simple to use and easily removable with soap and water.
5) When working with face paints they take a few minutes to dry so tell your child not to touch your handy work or it will smudge.
6) Little girls always love glitter especially when being princesses or fairies. Glitters, sparkles and even Christmas tinsel always add a little Halloween magic.
7) Let your child see the finished result in a mirror and make any minor changes he or she requires.

halloween-kitty halloween-zombie-02

A Witches Cat is Always a Winner for the Under Five’s
Costume is simple black tights and black jumper. For the tail find an old stocking, cut it from the toes to under the knee (like a sock) then stuff with small bits of newspaper and pin on. For girls the cats ears can be made simply by taking a small piece of hair from the top of each side of the head and putting it into two small ponytails, then folding each ponytail into a half loop and tying each loop using a hair band, thus making your cats ears. For boys or girls with short hair cut two cone shapes from a piece of cardboard and paint black, roll into a cone then staple onto a black hair band.

Makeup needed: black eye-liner pencil, cotton buds, silver glitter and sparkly blue eye shadow.
1. With a soft black eye-liner draw a circle on the tip of the nose and colour the circle in.
2. About half an inch from the nose, draw three whiskers on each cheek (about 3 inches long). Use the ears as guidelines: One whisker towards each earlobe, one whisker towards the middle of the ear and one whisker towards the top of the ear.
3. Cover a cotton bud in silver glitter, then gently roll bud over the end of each whisker.
4. To create cats eyes with the black eyeliner pencil draw two lines, from the middle of each eye lid draw one line extending from the top lid, the other from the bottom. (making an oval shape) fill the oval with sparkly, blue eye shadow.

A Zombie Makeup and Costume for the Over Five’s
Charity shops are great for finding dressing up clothes.

Clothes that can have a few handfuls of wet mud from the garden rubbed in, dollops of tomato ketchup, even a tear or two for that ideal zombie look.


Makeup needed: pale foundation, crème white eye shadow, dark grey or brown eye shadow and hair gel.
1. Apply foundation on to face blended with the crème white eye shadow if you want a really deathly white face colour, remember to apply foundation onto the lips.
2. Dip the eye shadow brush into a dark matte eye shadow and dust over the upper eyelid and beneath the lower lashes to create a dark shadow under the eyes.
3. With a blush brush apply the same shadow onto the cheekbones to create a sunken look.
4.  Complete look with a large dollop of hair gel pulled through the hair to dampen it.

You can also use the same makeup base for other creepy Halloween characters; to create an a vampire by drawing pointed fangs, or Frankenstein by drawing a bolt on the forehead.


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