Are Lash Extensions For You?

Are Lash Extensions For You?About Lash Extensions

I am often asked about the advantages and disadvantages of lash extensions, which are the best lashes, what is the cost involved?

Eyelash extensions are individual synthetic or mink lashes bonded one at a time to each individual lash on your eye. They feel almost weightless and styled to give the ultimate glamorous look, a sassy sexy look, Audrey Hepburn style or to add a natural fullness to really open up your eyes on your wedding day. A quick tip is to always have a skin test 24 hours before having your lashes done to make sure you’re not sensitive to the glue used to attaché the lashes. Personally I think lash extensions are great for a one off special occasion.

Lashes take about 60 -90 minutes to apply depending on the style you choose. Maintenance is often expensive because to keep lashes looking fabulously thick and natural your natural lashes will need to be in-filled every two-three weeks.


Advantages of Lash Extensions

  • Great for a special one off occasions
  • Lashes instantly look amazing. Instant gratification.
  • You can choose the style, shape, the length and thickness that you want your lashes to be.
  • You don’t have to wear mascara. No more ugly mascara clumps
  • You can swim; take shower or get into a hot steamy sauna.
  • Go to bed and wake up looking gorgeous


Disadvantages of Lash Extensions

  • The more lash fills you have the more stressed and damaged your natural lashes become.
  • Eyes look noticeably bare when lash extensions are removed
  • Your natural lashes will grow back, however it takes three months for them to return to normal.
  • When the lash loose its grip with the glue, they often drop and it’s tempting to pull to remove the false lash unfortunately you’ll pull your real lash out as well.
  • Glue used on the eyelashes can cause adverse toxic reactions
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The Cost

Prices vary considerably depending on the company and the amount of lashes your given for a full set or an infill. Don’t be fooled by what seems a great deal at the time, as you might be disappointed if you don’t get the end result you expected.

Prices can begin around £50 for a full set of 100 lashes on each eye… However be careful of these supposedly great prices as this initial saving can be outweighed when its time to have a refill with the same company.

Average prices you might expect to pay is £70 – £85 for a full lash set of 70 to 80 lashes per eye and the in fill cost approximately £28 – £35.

A Tip for Growing Natural Lashes

Look after them and well use of castor on your lash line at bedtime to nourish, condition and encourage the growth of new lashes.

Recommended Lash Brands 3D Lashes. Lash Perfect. XTREME Lashes


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