15 Beauty Secrets & Makeup Tips

15 Beauty Secrets & Makeup Tips1) After applying your face or body cream use whatever’s left on your fingers and massage onto the base of your nails and around the side of your nail this helps to keep cuticles from turning dry ad the nails from becoming brittle.
2) An excellent and inexpensive way to keep your skin looking young and feeling soft is to try ‘Boots Coco Butter’, rich with vitamin E which is great for keeping skin healthy and moist. Especially on trouble spots like bottoms and thighs.
3) ‘Armani Luminous Silk Foundation’ is a fab foundation to try especially if you have problem oily skin. This foundation is oil-free but gives great coverage so hides imperfections without looking cakey.
4) A quick and easy way to conceal dark circles is with ‘Yves Saint Laurent Touché Concealer.’ Also good to hide redness around your nose and sallow circles under your eyes the brush tip gets into tiny creases for just the right amount of coverage.
5) Dry lips never look good under lipstick or lip-gloss. Apply ‘Carmex’ every day and you’ll soon notice the difference.
6) ‘MAC Iridescent Loose Powder’ in ‘Golden Bronze’. Mix this with your blush for a more dimensional bronze look.
best-beauty7) Patchily applied foundation is frustrating – a simple way round this is to always use a Primer to smooth the skin before using your foundation
8) Tired red eyes do nothing to help your look. A good tip is to use eye drops before applying your makeup. Eye drops can also relieve redness or irritation on the skin by applying eye drops with a cotton bud on dry skin beneath your eyes.
9) Ooopps if you’ve been too heavy handed with the blusher. A simple trick us to take a clean, soft powder puff and buff out the foundation lightly. Don’t press too hard so that you wipe off the foundation. Then add a light dusting with a translucent power over the cheeks. This will give your face a flawless look that doesn’t look too made up
10) A tip how to really curl your lashes. Look straight ahead into a mirror and try to position the lash curler as close to the root of your top eyelashes as possible. Do not apply mascara before curling.”
11) For a flawless sunless tan go for ‘Sienna X’ its got amazing coverage without those streaks we hate! It has multiple shades to choose from. It’s a good idea to exfoliate first to make your skin as smooth as possible.
How-To-Apply-Red-312) How to create the perfect red lip! Begin by applying a lip scrub; this makes your lips sleek and smooth. Body shops ‘Lipscuff’ is brilliant for this! Next moisturise with a lip balm, I’d use Carmex! To get a great lip shape use a pencil lip liner Line your lips with a pencil, pay particular attention to your cupids bow! Then apply the lippie! Blot with tissue and reapply
13) Highlighter is a must have! Its brilliant to use on your brow bone, in the corners of your eyes, and my personal favourite, the top of your lip (cupids bow) to give you pout perfection.
14) Ladies your eyelashes do not grow on your eyelids, so when it comes to applying false eyelashes don’t let them sit on your skin. Bring them down as close to the natural lash line as you possibly can (using a pair of tweezers to place the lashes will help).
15) If you don’t like using a eye-brow pencil for your eyebrows try using a small tipped angled brush with a the smallest amount of brown eye-shadow. Always gives a much softer and more natural look.

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