The Makeup Box Studio Top Twenty Makeup Tips

The Makeup Box Studio Top Twenty Makeup Tips

makeup-tips-1We all like a little help along with a few pointers in the right direction to look our best when we apply our makeup, this month the makeup box has a few makeup tips especially for you

Makeup Tip 1-
Ladies your eyelashes do not grow on your eyelids, so when it comes to applying false eyelashes don’t let them sit on your skin. Bring your false lashes down as close to the natural lash line as you possibly can (using a pair of tweezers helps).

Makeup Tip 2-
Highlighter is a must have! Its brilliant to use on your brow bone, in the corners of your eyes, and my personal favourite, the top of your lip (cupids bow) to give you pout perfection.

Makeup Tip 3-
To create a look for the 9-5 working girl go for something natural and nude on the eyes, start with using a creamy beige all over the lid, then a soft bronze in the eyelid crease for definition, then some volumising mascara for luxurious lashes!

Makeup Tip 4-
If you have avoided using a lip-gloss in the past because of its lack of staying power try MAC Lip-glass, its super powered and can be worn over a lipstick as well! Looks stunning.

Makeup Tip 5-
If you don’t like using a pencil for your eyebrows because you find it too much try using a powder with an angled brush, its much softer and more natural!

Makeup Tip 6-
If you’re someone who loves dramatic eye makeup be sure to use a primer to make it last all night! We use Airbase primer which is silicone based!

Makeup Tip 7-
Gellux gel polish is the perfect way to keep your nails in tip top shape! No Chip, No wear, No wait and 15 days of glossy colour, and best of all your nails still stay healthy!

Makeup Tip 8-
For a flawless sunless tan go for Sienna X! Its got amazing coverage without those streaks we hate! It has multiple shades to choose from and celebs love it!! We recommend exfoliating first to make your skin as smooth as possible and moisturise.

primary-mediumMakeup Tip 9-
How to create the perfect red lip!
1-Start off by applying a lip scrub, this makes your lips sleek and smooth. Body shops lip scuff is brilliant for this!
2-Next moisturise with a lip balm, we use Carmex!
3-Line your lips with a pencil, pay particular attention to your cupids bow! When finished I like to fill in the rest of my lips as this acts as quite a nice base!
4-Apply the lippie! Blot with tissue and reapply (this helps staying power)
5-If you wish to go around the outside of your lips with a bit of concealer to enhance your perfectly rouge lips!

Makeup Tip 10-
Fighting dark circles around your eyes and a dab of concealer just isn’t enough?
If the cause is …

Sleepless nights’- put a cold teabag on your eyes! The caffeine in it will brighten them up beautifully!
‘Inheritance’– each morning applies a cold compress and try eating a few squares of dark choccy!
‘Maturity’- Stay hydrated! And grab a moisturiser to keep up your collagen.
Sun exposure- Wear SPF and moisturise daily and keep hydrated!

Makeup Tip 11-
If you have got hazel coloured eyes, try going for an eye shadow with a hint of green. You will find the green in your eyes will be emphasised!

Makeup Tip 12-
Nearing spring its time to get your hair out of the winter blues. To regain healthy apply a hair mask once or twice a week, or if your really in the mood apply one heavily, wrap a towel around it and blow dry on a high heat and then sleep in it!

Makeup Tip 13-
If you want to do face painting try Snazaroo! It’s highly pigmented and bold! It can be used on the face and body, it’s also very gentle on skin and fragrance free.

Makeup Tip 14-
Contouring with makeup can be applied to reshape certain areas to correct or minimize flaws. The basic idea is that applying tones darker than your skin colour creates the illusion of shadow on areas you would like to hide, while applying tones lighter than your skin colour highlights areas you’d like to emphasize.

Makeup Tip 15-
Throwing a party for your little princess? Why not give her a little makeover! Lots of pink and sparkles is the perfect way to go, even face paint. Go to www.themakeupboxstudio and fill in the contact us form if you are interested!

Makeup Tip 16-
The ideal way to hide a blemish is with airbrushing! But not all of us can do this everyday so the best thing to do is use a concealer with a thick consistency, dab it on and with a cotton swab blend it out, after this go over with a powder to seal it. Start with a small amount and build up! You will never know it was even there!

Makeup Tip 17-
Man makeup! Guy-liner is very easy to apply. If you don’t have the slightest idea on where to start here is the easy way, choose a colour, black is preferable, Kohl eyeliner is best as its easier to smudge, start on lower lid of the eye, move to the top of the eye and make the two meet at the end, blend into eyelash line. Hey presto you’ve got your guy-liner on!

Makeup Tip 18-
What skin tone are you? Light? Fair? Medium? Olive? Brown? Black? Do any of you struggle to find the right foundation? Let us know we may be able to help you track one down that’s perfect!

Makeup Tip 19-
Making a cat eye with eyeliner requires practice. The most effective way to do is with liquid black eyeliner. But it requires a steady hand, so beginners can do with the pencil ones (the self-sharpening eye pencils glide better).

Makeup Tip 20-
Picking blusher can be tricky but its best to work with your skin tone.
Fair skinned ladies pick something light and not too bold, a natural pink or even a luminizing powder would do.
Medium skin tones can go for a more rosy pink or deep peach, too dark though and you will look a bit clownish and too light a bit ashen.
Dark skin tones go best with rose or deep orange, don’t go too light or you will look washed out you want to enhance your tone.

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