How Long Should You Keep Your Makeup?

How Long Should You Keep Your Makeup?Makeup, like food, drink, medicine, cream, lotions and potions are perishable and should be thrown away once they have reached their end of life – even if you have plenty of lipstick, mascara or foundation still left in its designer container, no matter how painful, there is a time when all makeup should be headed for the bin.

Generally most people would never eat food that’s gone off, or take medicine past its sell by date. Why would you want to wear makeup that’s beyond its natural shelf life or unbeknown to you has become contaminated?

Unfortunately, today many makeup brands do not carry sell by or best used by dates. Whilst we can sometimes see which ingredients have been used in makeup, we are not informed as to how long these remain safe and usable. Currently makeup is not regulated by boards such as the FDA in the USA who keep a tight control on what ingredients are used in beauty creams, shampoos etc.

Instead we are left in the wonderful misplaced belief that if our makeup is not finished then we can continue to hoard it in various draws and makeup bags for years on end. Sadly this is not the case.

It’s good to be aware that contaminated makeup can often have an adverse effect on our skin, giving us spots or unwanted blemishes on our faces … What makeup we wear on our faces is important as our skin is the largest organ of the body and should always be treated with tender, loving care.

Makeup, especially liquid and cream based products, can be as susceptible to microscopic bugs and germs as any other perishable goods.

A few Tips In Ways To Care For Your Makeup

  • Wash your makeup brushes every week.
  • Wash makeup spongers weekly and replace once a month.
  • If you have spots, avoid using your fingers to apply makeup. Remove makeup needed for your application from container using a disinfected wooden/plastic spatula and apply with clean makeup brush/sponge.
  • When mixing foundations an egg cup is great to blend concealer and foundation
  • Never put makeup back in its original container, as it may contaminate the rest of your product. Remember bugs love creams and liquids and will thrive and multiply until you next use your makeup, and then hey presto… spots.
  • Make sure you keep your mascara tightly twisted shut, never leave the top off otherwise it will dry out.
  • In fact, always keep tops tightly shut on all your makeup products

 Rough Guide For The Shelf Life Of Makeup

  • Translucent, Bronzer, Blusher Powders – usually two years.
  • Powder Eye shadow – up to two years.
  • Crème Eye Shadow – replace once a year.
  • Concealer – replace once a year.
  • Foundations – replace once a year.
  • Mascara- replace every three months.
  • Pencil Lip Liners – replace when becomes hard – always sharpen with a pencil sharper each time you use it and keep the top on.
  • Lipsticks – replace once a year to eighteen months.
  • Lip-gloss – replace when product becomes thick and gloopy, usually every six months.
  • Pencil Eye Liners – same rule of thumb as pencil lip liners.

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